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June 25, 2010


Kudos Brent! Excellent in-depth and actual analysis of the real data! Bravo!

We would have commented on's "data" but they blocked us from their site...LOL... Keep up the good work!

Kathy Graves

FWIW,all of the "pit bull" bites reported before the Little Rock, AR., MSN pit bull ordinance were done by dogs running loose. Little Rock had a leash law in effect which AC was very lax in enforcing. Little Rock could have saved that $100,000 and the lives of 400 dogs just by enforcing an existing ordinance. The mayor of Little Rock didi not want to pass the pit bull ordidnace, it was rammed through by the director of AC.

Kimber Cleveland

Thanks for the great info! If you're not aware of the new documentary almost finished, check out BEYOND THE MYTH: A Film About Pit Bulls And Breed Discrimination at

It premiered in Miami last month and the filmmaker updating and doing some more editing.


Great read, thanks for the info!

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