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June 15, 2010


Kim Krohn

Oh, WHY does it have to be Ohio?

They're working so hard to get rid of the BSL in Toledo and change the state law that automatically deems "pit bulls" dangerous.

H Houlahan

A commenter on the news story who is a relative stated that the young man has been ill.

So I wonder if he was attacked, or if he died and was then bitten. Or if he could have had a seizure or some other event and that set off the pack of dogs?


From the link: "Deputies rounded up the dogs and put them down, per the father’s request."

Don't they want to wait and confirm cause of death first? We just had a case recently where it was determined a woman died of natural causes and the dog then apparently tried to drag her. At first it looked like a dog attack but it was actually the dog attempting to help the owner.


YB - that other case was also in Ohio - but that doesn't appear to have happened here. A lot of comments about the severity of the injuries which wasn't the case before.

H - the man was apparently sick - I've updated the post to reflect that his father has noted that he had AIDS.

Kim - I don't think it's any coincidence that this happened in Ohio -- seems like whenever you focus solely on the wrong thing (like breeds of dogs instead of temperament) that ignorance can lead to incidents occurring. If anything, the fact that there were a dozen dogs potentially involved, all of various breeds/mixed breeds - only helps highlight the ignorance of the breed specific laws in the state IMO.

Lisa in OH

Last night, our local news here in Ohio, was reporting that the dogs were wolf-dogs. I seems that they have now back tracked and are calling them mutts


Have you read this article yet.

* 5 bull mastiffs
* 1 rottweiler
* 3 pit bull-boxer mixes
This are the dogs that were outside at the time. 2 were shot by police, the rest were euthanized in the garage.


Wow, the article comes right out and says the dogs were sent to the landfill. That kind of info is just about never, ever mentioned. Maybe it will cause some to ask whay happens to their dogs when they're euthanized.

BTW, unless there were photos taken of these dogs before death that more knowledgable dog people could see, I don't believe the breed IDs. AC officers are nortoriously ignorant (or purposely so) about breeds. Since it has been reported in several places that these were dogs that were "dropped off" nearby or came from the pound, I find it odd that there would be so many actual mastiffs and I wonder about how much 'pit' was in those 'boxers.'

Lisa in OH

Kate says "BTW, unless there were photos taken of these dogs before death that more knowledgable dog people could see, I don't believe the breed IDs" I wouldn't either especially since this occurred in Lorain County, which has a very high rate of BSL and anti pit bull sentiment


We will probably never really know what happened. Maybe two of the dogs got into a fight and Winters got in the middle of it? Would be interesting to see how many where male/female and reproductive status so see if there was a bitch in heat and unaltered males. It was in the middle of the day so Winters probably hadn't been drinking (not to disparage but dogs sometimes get spooked around people - even ones they know - that have been drinking).

boxer/pit bull mix - lol - yeah right - or maybe a small mastiff? Or maybe ALL of these dogs were mutts!!...oh fantastic - look at the comments on the its about killer pit bulls and dog fighting.

Joseph Dubrovich

Yes, Michael had Hiv and many health issues BUT, he was NOT "sickly" . He was about 5'11'' and around 200 lbs with a very deep voice....natural causes could be but, are unlikely. Take note of "hundreds bites". Our hope is he had a seizure and didn't know what happened. I pray that we, his friends and family find out the truth.....but, we may never know


I have heard Michael actually died of a heart attack and not from the dogs.

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