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May 16, 2010



The HSUS / Nevada HS story was so disturbing when I read it earlier this week. It was bad enough to know that HSUS was allowing confusion to continue by omission or lack of clarification on their part, but to have them trying to strong-arm others into not clarifying either is just wrong. The wording that they wanted removed didn't even mention HSUS and so was in no way directly harmful to them. Grr!

I appreciate the link to the CCF expose piece too. Both HSUS and CCF/HumaneWatch are too big to get any $$$ from me -- too many different agendas -- some good, some not so good (IMO).

Any chance of getting a link on the newstory with the St. Bernard? Just curious to see the actual dog :o)


Hmpf. I forgot the link.

Here it is:

I've also updated the original post to include it.


Both HSUS and HW are big lobbying factions with agenda's and missions - the biggest difference to me is that HW is not SOLICITING money from the general public on the backs of abused animals to fund their lobbying efforts. The HSUS however, IMHO is being very fraudulent in their pleas for donations running on TV and in the print media. The HSUS does some good works, but has the ability to do so much more. Until they use the money that is sent in to them to actually help animal shelters and rescue groups - they will not receive another dime from me


Brent, thank you, again, for your reasonable and unbiased report. It is truly frustrating to ask a serious question of HSUS and NEVER get a straight answer. You have always done a good job of connecting the dots on animal issues without proselytizing or pandering to emotional blackmail. HSUS continues with playground tactics of name calling and whining - come on, we are adults. We can handle the truth.

It's a tough fight, going against HSUS, not for the faint of heart. Just think of the dollars in donations that HSUS stands to lose as more and more people become aware of the ways their donations are used - not to mention the scandal and controversy or the hidden anti-human/anti-animal goals of HSUS. More close inspection is welcome. No matter how I look into the words and actions of HSUS I keep coming up with a dead end of double standards and circular, fruitless arguments. It can make me crazy - as I have learned by fighting bad legislation in my state, written and inspired by HSUS. They even managed to pull the wool over the eyes of my state's Dept. on Natural Resources secretary this month, starting another firestorm of protest from voters, particularly sportsmen and women and dog people.


Seriously Julie Lyle - WTF!? Toledo has been stalked by little more than a serial killer the past 20 years and THIS is the 2nd thing you do to try to mend that broken relationship? Nice to see you're trying to end breed descrimination so you can harass everyone equally.

Did NACA send out a newsletter lately on ways to abuse their power?

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