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May 28, 2010



Somehow the "don't leave your toddler alone with a stranger" mantra has been so much more successful than the "don't leave toddler alone w/dogs" mantra. A dog is not even the same species as your toddler. They do not speak the same language and although dogs (like strangers) are generally safe, something bad *could* happen (like with a stranger).


A two year old shouldn't be left outside alone PERIOD!


I agree with Michelle D. Why would anyone leave a 2 year old outside along, dog or no dog? So many horrible things could happen!


Erm...that should be "alone" not "along." Proofreading is not my friend today.

Jim Holloway

There is NO Acceptable answer why a parent would leave a 2 year old with a dog like this, NO EXCUSE at all


If the MEDIA reported the facts in such cases people might begin to get it. Instead they link Pit Bulls to dead kids.

The media are more of a menace than dogs will ever be.

Jennie Bailey

They just got the dog 3 and a half months ago. They are reporting no history of aggression (in the 3 1/2 months they had the dog). A neighbor was quoted as saying he saw the two year old "in the yard all the time playing with the dogs" so this wasn't a one time occurence. Also, food and water bowls in the yard so these were resident dogs and not family pets. Naturally, they are now blaming the disappearance a week ago of the neighbor's outdoor little white fluffy dog on the pit bulls though no sign of the dog has been found in the pit bull yard. The neighbor is quoted "They just changed after they took the dog". Hmmmmm...we have our "monster" myth once again. Forget that coyotes frequent this neighborhood after dark. It must have been the fenced in pit bulls.

They also regurgitated the Fontana attack which was corrected months ago as mastiffs and australian shepherds. But KCAL 9 brought them back up as "five pit bull mastiff mixes". Gotta love idiotic reporting. I'm so tired of this, guys and gals. Just really, really tired.

Jennie Bailey

I wanted to clarify that most of the quotes I got were out of the video and not the article. Just so you didn't think I was accusing the media of making things up while making stuff up on MY own.

Penelope Low

Yawn! Isn't it time to demonize another breed yet?

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