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May 23, 2010



The shooter knew it would be considered a crime to shoot those responsible for the death so he shot the dogs instead.

H Houlahan

These kinds of attacks have a long history in rural Alaska.

My husband refers to the Nordic breeds -- which we both like very much -- as "the baby eaters." Not because they are vicious. The emphatically are not. Because they are predatory, and do not necessarily identify babies and toddlers as human.

Race mushers' code of ethics calls for a perimeter fence around a kennel of tethered dogs. This is one reason.

the red dragon

Oh, if they were my dogs, I'd press charges. How is it the dog's fault that the kid wasn't being watched???


The dog owner does need to assume SOME responsibility here. The dogs were chained up with zero protection from the elements -- wolves, children, whatever.

Now that being said, I would sue the heck out of them for killing my dogs when their unwatched toddler wandered into my yard.

Margery Glickman

Chaining is cruel and makes dogs aggressive. Check out


Only an idiot like Margery Glickman would suggest that pack animals not be chaned and allowed to run loose. If that happened there would be more maulings of children, if the dogs didn't kill each other first.

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