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May 21, 2010


pitbull friend

I keep thinking how much I'm going to enjoy rereading pieces like this in a few years, to remind me how far we've come. Good riddance, Mr. Skeldon - hope you can find a new job where you're not harming innocent creatures.


yes, great post Brent. What you've described is a sociopath. He truly LIKED killing animals.

KC KS Kills Dogs

What's so very sad, is how many times Skeldon has been touted as an expert and testified to the effectiveness of BSL!

To think that various city gov'ts paid this guy or at least his travel expenses to give testimony when BSL was on the table. Disgusting!

Karen Delise

Excellent post Brent.

Skeldon and Clifton are fear-mongers.

If they didn't have fear and ominous predictions to titillate people (and especially the media) with, no one would pay a lick of attention to them.

This is their "claim to fame," - dealing in fear - and ignoring the absolute evidence that dogs are incredibly safe, and are safer than they've been in 4 decades, as dog bite numbers continue to decrease nationalwide.

Jennifer Brighton

And the really sick part about people like Skeldon is that he's probably got his fingers crossed for a mauling so he can say, "I told you so." He must realize that most animal people think he's a monster. You know what they say about humans who have no empathy for animals...

Social Mange

Excellent post. It's a reflection of the sad state of affairs when people such as this are used as "experts" when they have no expertise or true experience, they are used only because they are the few yelping on the other side of the fence. Balanced journalism does not require quoting a person who has no expertise or experience (but a definite personal agenda).

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