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May 28, 2010



Wasn`t it Barbara Spears HB79 amendments that were added to HB55?
That`s what it says over here or were there 2 Bills with amendments?


Rep Sears initially proposed HB79.

HB55 was a different bill, but the language from HB79 was added to it as an amendment (and the original HB79 was dropped). So now, the language from the 2 bills is now essentially rolled up into the same bill.


Ok I see.
Good news for sure.

Social Mange

My thanks and deep respect go to the state representatives of Ohio for this intelligent and informed legislative decision.


sweet i supported and voted


Do you have any links (the one in the story doesn't go anywhere) to the story detailing the dog bite involving the surgeon leaving the prostitute's house? I would love to have that for my collection :)


Here's an article that recaps it:

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