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May 19, 2010


Saving Pets

Love it! Great post!

Kelly Lange

Both of your blogs today encompass everything I think and believe in!! Way to go Brent, for yet another spot on blog post!


El Paso TX open-door shelter goes no kill in one year - saving 90% of pets! #nokill #shelter #pets


Not to rain on the El Paso parade but...

"The Humane Society is an open-door shelter and since the beginning of 2010 it's also a no-kill shelter."

"sometimes if someone is bringing in an animal and we don't have room, we'll ask them, 'can you wait a couple of days"

That is not "open door". I'd like people to quit showing percentages and show us the overall save numbers. I can make percentages tell any story I want and this is exactly the kids of word play critics of No Kill jump all over.

Another ditty, look at this article and the link to "Humane Society" Bing search and guess who comes up?

pitbull friend

Thank you so much for another great, timely, important piece of writing, Brent!

mary frances

thank you for your prolific work and dedication - great post.

Social Mange

Excellent post. I love that you're breaking down the individual components of no-kill and making it understandable for the average person.

Victoria Bolivar

All things are possible with God and you Seth, Keep up the great work !! Victoria


A shelter that asks if someone can wait a couple of days before surrendering an animal during a space crunch is still open door, assuming that they would shift things around and make room if the need to surrender the animal turned out to be a dire emergency. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a shelter asking a non-emergency surrender to wait a couple of days, as long as they determine that the animal will be safe doing so.

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