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May 17, 2010



This is a pet peeve of mine. I'm still waiting for the follow up reports on Princess Diana's death.


"some" with suspect MOTIVES ... of course your tag Merrit Clifton. But also of course Colleen ( Lynn and "Terrierman".

BTW, as a sad followup, I asked Karen Delise what happened to the dog. She wrote that even though the family defended it, they didn't claim it from the shelter, which of course ultimately killed it (my guess is they never even tried to adopt it because of its "bite" history)


Sure Emily, there are others as well -- I just don't have tags for them (and likely never will).

Really unfortunate about the dog as well...they lost two family members that day.

Chris Shaughness

What a sad case and unfortunately more common than we think. You may remember back in 2007, a man died on Ving Rhames' property and the press was quick to announce that the man had been mauled by Rhames' dogs. In fact, the coroner came out months later and stated that the man had died from a pre-existing heart problem. This clarification was not blasted on the front page, however.


From what I read in the paper the family tried to reclaim the dog, but based on the public reporting and assumption of a dog bite the family was told they would have to submit to some rather onerous and expensive restrictions (insurance, kennel, etc) which they could not afford, so the shelter killed the dog.


Unfortunately, in the world of media, the fact that the dog was proven innocent is a non-story. News media thrives on controversy to generate views and ratings. So, as much as we would all like to see a retraction, it simply won't happen. The news reporters and editors have already moved on to the next "sensational" story.

We see the same thing happen with veterinarians who are accused of killing dogs through negligence (no story ever comes out to show that they were innocent) and researchers who have their research interrupted and degraded by false accusations from PETA, etc. In the famous Silver Springs monkey case in which PETA made their name, several (I think 4) different organizations cleared the scientist who PETA had arrested on animal cruelty charges. Yet, outside of specific publications that cater to research science, I don't think any major news outlet saw fit to discuss his innocence (I could be was a while ago).

Sadly, the news folks are just doing what WE (the public) want...bring us more controversy and sensationalism. It's why celebrity criminals continue to gain notoriety.


jtuck004 - I was wondering about that. In a lot of these cases the family has to pony up a bunch of money, upfront, to pay for boarding and care of the dog. If they don't come up with the money in 5 days the animal is considered relinquished. In this case there is no way the dog would have gone to rescue/put up for adoption. For pets and their owners, guilty until proven innocent.

"bite marks and severe right arm and shoulder injuries" WHEN are people going to be held accountable for lying?

Carianne Burnley

This story has now made it to the local Cleveland news, What is unfortunate is reading through the blogs and seeing the breed as the reason it should have been euthanized. This definitely goes back to the old adage, you can't fix stupid.


This reminds me of a local story - Where the dog was named a "pit bull" and this story even got picked up by US news... when in reality the dog was a "boxer mastiff". I could only find ONE article that called the dog a boxer, all other articles called the dog a pit bull. This kind of media ignorance and mis information is why BSL gets put in place.

Karen Delise

"This story has now made it to the local Cleveland news"

Yes, they were sent the NCRC report and are now acting like they just got around to following it up.

It's called "damage control"


Karen Delise

Oh, Brent, sorry, forgot to thank you for posting this story.


Karen, thanks for your continued work and follow-up -- and kindness in making this information available for all of us to use.


"Cpt. Ron Salcer said the dog was deemed vicious ...because the dog regurgitated part of the woman's bra about a week after it was impounded"

words fail...

Jennifer Brighton

Gee, would it be these kinds of headlines we're talking about:


The Associated Press
MOUNT VERNON, Wash. Mount Vernon police say two pit bulls that killed two other dogs in separate attacks will be destroyed.

Lt. Chris Cammock told the Skagit Valley Herald the owner turned her dogs over to police because she feared more attacks.

The dogs escaped from the owner's house Monday and killed two small dogs in their yards in the neighborhood in east Mount Vernon.

Read more:

This headline sure got my attention in my local paper until I realize that it was dogs the pit bulls killed, not people. Not that that makes it right. If another dog killed my dog, I would be outraged, probably at the dog that did it and mostly the irresponsible owner.

Jennifer Brighton

Oops - meant to post this under the creation of fear blog, but it sort of applies here as well as I think the headline was totally misleading. Can you imagine if it was a Labrador that killed these dogs. I am quite sure the headline would not have read, "Police Destroying Two Killer Labs."

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