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May 21, 2010



Brampton must be so proud...

Karen Friesecke

As a resident of Brampton, I an mortified by the whole situation. I'm just glad that Brittany and Rambo have been returned to their families!


Unfortunately the City of Brampton has their own Breed Specific By law brought in just prior to the Ontario Law.Repealing the Ontario Law won`t help Brampton residents.Residents must put pressure on the present Brampton Mayor and Council to repeal their own By law or make sure they replace them with people who will.
It`s called By Law 250-2005


Is she going to press charges? Let us know if there is a pitch-in.


It takes a considerable amount of force to break ribs in a dog of that size. Is there going to be an investigation into how this happened? Which "shelter" worker is abusing the inmates to this extent?

Lisa in OH

Nothing like trying to make a dog mean in order to back up the vicious claim

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