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May 13, 2010



There has been one fatal attack by an AmStaff according to the NCRC chart.
Aug. 15, 1995
Amer Staff Terrier
22 yrs. - M
J. Peters
Drunken roommate provoked dogs
Canada, Ontario


Thanks J.M. Somehow I missed that cruising through even though in my memory I thought that I had remembered that there had been one.

I've updated the original post for accuracy's sake.


I was relentlessly slobbered on last Saturday by a gigantic, unruly American Staffordshire Terrier. When I attempted to push him away, he simply relocated his enormous, snotty tongue to my other ear, jamming his basketball-size head into my nose for good measure along the way. Throughout this entire terrifying experience, he was smiling goofily and attempting to crawl higher up my chest, pushing off on my lap with rear legs that could probably uproot a tree. It's no wonder the public is afraid of these things.

Brad Jensen

Hmm.. for some reason Firefox is not rendering the comment window.

Anyway, one of the problems I see with using bite statistics (as pointed out by a dear rescue friend of mine) and why I haven't really delved into this aspect of statistics is that for the most part, bites are not qualified.

What I'm saying is that even a nip in play could possibly be reported to Animal Control (AC) as a bite unless questions are asked. And according to my rescue friend, AC
rarely if ever qualifies "bites" that are reported.

As I pointed out in another blog site (that I refuse to mention), Chihuahuas accounted for almost as many reported bites as Pit Bulls in the particular region being discusssed. The only half-assed argument to refute this fact was that Pit Bulls are far more dangerous than Chihuahaus because they are bigger dogs and when they bite, they can do more damage therefore they should be wiped off the face of the Earth!

Pretzel Logic =)



Thanks for this timely and thoughtful post. I always like to mention the "Summer of the Shark" we had a few years back when the media pounced on every shark bite story as if there were Great White serial killers prowling the shores for victims. In fact, shark bites were DOWN that year but of course you wouldn't have known that amidst all the hype.

Social Mange

Geez, how can anyone take Merritt Clifton seriously? What with the "buff mastiff" and "chox mix" listed as breeds? Using him as a source truly discredits the article *and* the Ontario government.

The Sun appears to have buried this article in their subscription-only online version...I won't subscribe because I won't give those mouth breathers the head count on which to base their online advertising fees.

H Houlahan

Clifton is privvy to the THOUGHT CRIMES committed by all those evil-intentioned pibbles and rockwilders and president canaries.


suck on this, moron (referring to Clifton) and your use of media reports:

"On its Sunday news broadcast, WKYC TV News quoted Cleveland Heights police as saying “Baker had severe arm and shoulder injuries and bite marks.”
On Monday morning, February 8th, the Sun News reported, “A woman died after being attacked by the family Rottweiler-mix dog yesterday morning on Woodridge Road. According to police, Carolyn Baker, 63, died after being attacked by the dog.”... etc.

The coroner informed us that Ms. Baker’s death was due to cardiovascular disease, not to trauma caused by dog bites. The contributory factors, according to the coroner, were hypothermia, subcutaneous soft tissue injury (claw marks), and blunt force impact to the head and extremities not related to dog bites.
We were informed that there were no bite marks on Ms. Baker.
The Coroner’s Office had completed its report by March. No other government agency or news outlet has inquired as to the state of the report, or requested a copy."


If getting rid of a breed ban means that "all hell would break loose," then places without a breed ban, such as my neck of the woods, Southern CA, must be hell.


P.S. It's not hell here.

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