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April 06, 2010



another thumbs up Brent for this great blog. People completely forget what laws are supposed to accomplish


Hey all,

Souix City says your opinion is important to them - so be sure and let them know what you think!

Steven Phipps

Great article Brent...Steve Phipps at No Kill Nation

Social Mange

Brilliant post.

Social Mange

BTW, don't bother with comments on the Sioux City website or with e-mail. Snail mail or fax; neither of those can be screened for key words and discarded without being read.

SueAnn Allard

Once again ignorance is in charge and running rampant in Sioux City. Ignorance is usually followed by fear.
Pitbulls are not born aggressive and mean. They get into the wrong human hands and become aggressive and mean. I am so sick of hearing about the pit bull type dog being responsible for every crime committed.
Maybe pitbulls should be killed because the Son of Sam heard a dog telling him to kill...that dog MUST have been a pitbull.
It is really hard to respect a city council and police dept that base their laws not on fact but on fear.
The people of Sioux Falls should be concerned because pretty soon the city will be pulling teen agers out of homes because they are not licensed and tend to be rowdy and cause trouble.
Oh yes, the police of Sioux City need to get those pit bulls and make sure they are shot and put down but NOT touch that drug dealer, or child pediophile in their homes because they are protected by the constitution and have rights.
You are sending yourselves back to the Paul Revere will need someone on horseback riding thru Sioux City saying,"the dog killers are comin, the dog killers are comin."
Instead of living in pit bull fear and in pit bull ignorance, maybe the city council should try to EDUCATE themselves about pit bulls and look more at the owners than the dog breed.


Actually - a key place where I think laws, especially this one, get out of control is when they are created with the intent to prevent crimes instead of to enforce compliance.


That is such an upsetting yet good blog. I hate to see animals mistreated and for any reason let alone being four days late on registration. My parents used to be against pit bulls and would tell me what awful dogs they were but I worked on sharing what a great breed they actually are and now both my parents and I are proud pit bull owners. My dog has also changed the mind of my boyfriend and best friend as well. If someone tried to take my dog away I would be furious. I only adoped him six months ago but am so attached to him. What's funny is I am probably more dangerous than he is and if anyone tried to take him from me I would fight to keep him. The whole idea of BSL makes me sad and I hope with the help of individuals such as yourself, by spreading how they are truly misrepresented will help save such a loyal, devoted breed.


I don't see how these laws are Constitution. It is disgusting. Everyone should sue over these laws until it is financially ruining enough for the city. Denver has lost something like $22 million over three lawsuits so far and there are plenty more to go.


Here's the response I got from the office of the City Manager to my complaint on their website yesterday...and my subsequent response.

Ann Marie Skaggs

Good Morning,

Understandably this is a very difficult situation in regard to the pitbull owner who spoke at Monday's meeting. Please keep in mind however that this ban was enacted amidst tremendous publicity in 2009. When the deadline approached for licensing last year and many pitbulls were still not yet licensed, an extension was granted of 30 days. Letters were then sent out for 2010 renewal and when many pitbull owners again did not comply (all dogs must be registered annually), the Sioux City Police Department called every pitbull owner and a 30 day extension was once again granted. I am not sure how much more the City was expected to do. At some point, surely these dog owners must accept personal responsibility, especially when they have publicly acknowledged receipt of the letter as this citizen did at Monday's meeting.

Ann Marie Skaggs
Office of the City Manager
City of Sioux City, Iowa
Hello Ms. Skaggs,

While I obviously disagree with the law in general, my point was that the enforcement of the law seems a bit drastic. I absolutely agree that the owners have to accept responsibility. However, confiscating and potentially euthanizing a dog because the owner failed to license them? Why not cite the owner and give them an opportunity to comply? Seems like a win-win to everyone involved. I concur that your efforts at educating the public about the requirements were thorough, I just feel that sending the police to look for unregistered pit bulls who present no public safety threat is a bit strange. Don't Sioux City police have actual crime to fight?

Nichole Heilbron


Nichole, thanks for writing and thanks for the smart response.

Clearly, the punishment here does not fit the crime.

It is the law that people must license their vehicles every year. But sometimes, people do it late because they forget. Or it's a hassle.

If they treated this like they are the dogs, the punishment would be to take the car from them and destroy it. Does anyone think that's a logical solution? Nope, the assess a small fee and move along. I don't understand why being four days late in licensing your dog serves as a punishment of death to the dog.

Lynn Orbison

Brent, can I repost this blog post on my facebook page? How do I do that?
Thank you for a clear review of the subject, and thanks to those whose comments enhance it!


Lynn, you may absolutely repost. Thanks for asking. The easiest way is to post as a link and then comment on it (so if you paste the link into your "status" area it will automatically make it a link and give you the opportunity to comment). I think you can probably paste in its entirety in the "Notes" section...but I'm not 100% sure on that.

Robin Richter

I am absolutely astounded - even when I think I can't be ever again - at the sheer stupidity of people. If I lived in that area, I would hide my dogs or move. Good Lord. So much hate for such innocent, sweet animals.


Unbelieveable! Sounds vaguely familiar to a city headed right down the same road! Have I beat this horse to death enough? Hello Ohio! Wake Up!

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