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April 12, 2010



Another excellent entry!

It's sad, but it's this kind of madness that makes me think that I'll likely own another dog that falls under the blanket of "Pit Bull."


Don't you remember the Journalism majors you encountered in college, if you went? Think back now.

There. It's all clear now, isn't it?

With rare exception, this field tends not to attract the, shall we say, clearest-thinking best and the brightest. Thankfully, the ability of these energetically dim crusaders to create havoc is lessening with each print media subscription cancellation and network news (especially local network news, with Buffy and Lance as Your Anchors, Sabrina the Weather Girl, and Biff with Sports) viewer checking his or her iPhone or Blackberry for real-time updates.

In the meantime, until they're all selling furnitiure, we have posts like Brent's to counter their self-promoting sloth.

All hail.


In fairness Ted, there are a good many good reporters our there. Some have done a great job covering this issue.

There are also many who mean well, but because media has cut back on reporters so much in recent years, they seldom have the time to dig deep enough to really understand the stories they are reporting about.

And unfortunately, there are a lot of folks, just like what you describe.

Jennifer Brighton

How timely. I printed this post to give to my neighbor who is frightened of my new pit-mix that I adopted a week ago. He's a big, loving, licking, tail wagging boy, but b/c he has a huge head she is scared of him. She said she isn't scared of my current pit-mix because she doesn't look like a pit bull (despite what my trainer,vet and others familiar with pits say). Funny how the perception of pit bulls due to the media are 200 lb. biting machines.

My neighbor is a good friend and a very educated person willing to read The Pit Bull Placebo (of which I have the book) and to help her understand and learn why I love the breed so much.

The gun incident you referred to where the young man was shot and killed really rang true as my mother and I were threatened last fall on a walk with my pit girl in a legal off-leash area. The lady didn't bring out a gun, but asked if my dog had pit bull in her and when I verified it, she said, "That's okay, I have a gun." And I live in a very safe neck of the woods, so an incident like that was quite shocking, all because my sweet dog looks a certain way.


Wonderful Article !!!!
I will share with everyone !!!!!!


This whole pittie ordeal just sickens me. I have 3 APBT and they are the best dogs I have ever had! They are clowns, give free lick baths, love unconditionally! The owners are the ones who need to be shot (figuratively speaking). It is not the breed of any dog, but the owners who do not take responsibility. Any time you hear of a dog bite, it always seems to come back to a pittie did it, sick of the media and all the sterotype idiots!


Thanks for this article. I don't have a pit bull because my hell hole city here in Winnipeg bans them. It sickens me how the media is not only reckless but ignorant the worst part is believe what is on the "idiot box"

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