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April 01, 2010


Social Mange

Most unfortunately, the court decision released (today, I think) says that the current directors of THS can run for election at the special meeting to be held May 30th. Not what was hoped for, but it's what we have to live with.

The THS press release clearly indicates that certain current directors intend to run again. Please remember that these people had been charged with animal cruelty, sat for years while animals were left to die in agony in their cages, spent almost half a million donor dollars last year on lawsuits.

Effectively, accepting the board's decision to shut the shelter down now means that many kittens to be born in the near future will die. Those kittens' deaths will be on the current board's heads and hands.

And I am not at all happy with the proposal by THS to have H$U$ come in to do "consultation/assessment". Why in God's name would they invite a group that doesn't operate a single shelter?

It's now essential to inform the members of THS so that they make educated choices about who to elect to the board of THS at the special meeting on May 30th.

Tangi Adopt A Rescue - Joni

More and more it seems that what I read is true: "Shelter pets are dying because shelters are KILLING them!"


Shutting down the shelter is ridiculous...and yes, even more blood on their hands.

And who exactly is "making" these people kill animals. You'd have to put a gun to my Mother's head before I would kill an animal... ACOs, shelter workers, veterinarians need to REFUSE to kill animals (excluding appropriate euthanasia of course). I'm so sick of these "the devil made me do it" excuses. And yeah H$U$ will probably just tell them how to kill more sneakily so they don't get caught.

Paula G from Indiana

MichelleD...the H$U$ will charge them tens of thousands of dollars to tell them how to kill more sneakily. And they have the nerve to blame breeders for animal deaths. -sigh-

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