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« Bureaucrats, people who care, media driving agendas, & a need to end the "death to all pit bulls' thinking | Main | Streator, IL repeals breed restrictions »

April 22, 2010


pitbull friend

Yahooo! Every once in a while, common sense prevails! Thanks for telling us, Brent.


My understanding of the bill in Scotland is that it does not repeal the DDA or remove BSL. It is just a slight rewording that supporters hope will lead, some day, to an emphasis on owner responsibility rather than breed or appearance. I think only the Parliament of the UK can repeal the breed-specific portion of the DDA in its entirety. The Scotland bill text can be read here:
Despite that, I am pleased with the direction Scotland is pushing toward; I hope it will eventually lead to the repeal of BSL in the UK.


it's so encouraging to read this. thanks for letting us know.


Yeah Jennifer -- I confess I'm not 100% sure how that works with Scottish law vs the UK law. I'll see what I can find out about that.


It`s not a Repeal of BSL.
That`s not even on the table according to K9 Magazine.


Thanks J.M. It sounds as if Scotland would love to get rid of the BSL - -but does not have the power to do so. I wasn't sure how that worked over there whether Scotland's law could trump the UK law.

Disappointing...but pressure has got to be mounting...

Syn  from  Glasgow  Scotland

As a Scot and the owner of Staffordshire Bull Terriers i welcome the common sense the Scottish Parliament has shown, its about time someone did. although the previous comments are correct when they say BSL is a UK law and we Scots can't get rid of it completely we know it doesn't work.the new amendment unanimously passed by the parliament and subsequent orders given to local council's to focus on "deed and not breed" mean's that even though BSL technically still exists we're determined to do it OUR way. at least we're taking a huge step in the right direction !!


It is not the dog that makes it mean. It is the Master. I have a pit bull. He is a gentleman. Not fair for someone to judge all bad dogs as one. They are loyal and protective of there master and humans . I wish to bring my pit bull to scotland. Prove everyone how wrong they are. If raised with love and respect. they are big kids themselves and love to play and be loved. Mine has yet bite anyone nor show sings of aggressive behavior. Brutus name of my pit is also a rescue. Some bad dogs can be turned back into gentleman with proper care of a Person has knowledge of Pit Bulls.

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