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April 15, 2010



just shaking head in disbelief. They knew Lyle intended to stop wantonly killing pit bulls when they hired her... "old guard" or an attempt to make her job morally impossible for her and force to quit? Thank goodness the good guys are still on the case.

Brad Jensen

County policy currently prevents the adoption of Pits but it doesn't prevent the fostering or transfer of them does it?



I'm not sure exactly how the policy is worded. But yeah, I can't imagine that with a brand new shelter director that doesn't want to kill these dogs and so much outcry against the policy that this will hold up. But the old school is hanging on with all they've got.


I just started following this blog a week ago. Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome.

A 30 day policy is nothing but a leash meant to allow her bosses time to influence her decision making process. It sounds like Mrs. Lyle knows the difference between right and wrong and might actually have the gumption to live by it.


Someone in OH should start a FB Fan page in support of Julie Lyle. These types of FB groups/pages have caught the attention of the media in many instances. I would start one but as an outsider it won't have as much effect. Hmmm, maybe I'll do it anyway if someone doesn't run with it...


Michelle, that's a great idea!

pitbull friend

Hmmm. I wonder whether Skeldon's showing up actually might have a negative effect on what he's trying to promote. I mean, isn't he so universally loathed that he's going to remind them, "Oh, yeah, there's that guy who all of the nice folks in Toledo hate?" Or maybe that's just my hopefulness talking.


Julie (with Konop) may have won this!

Could be that the haters in Toledo went one innocent puppy too far...


I love pits and I dont like policies that say to kill something strictly based on breeds, BUT the reaility is pits or pit types are hard to adopt and a risk(if nothing else public opinion of pits make them a risk) No body wants to adopt large adult breeds, no one wants black dogs esp large black dogs. So, if some dog has to be euthed, then why hang onto the ones no one is going to adopt and will sit for years taking up space? The needs of the many outweigh those or the few. The choice to euth should be based on adoptability, space and the left up to the people who know and work with the dogs at the shelter


Capt. Barbosa,

I don't buy the "no one wants black dogs esp large black dogs" type of nonsense. For nearly 30 years, one of the most popular breeds in the United States has been the Labrador Retriever - who's most common color is black. The reason shelters have historically had so many large black dogs was because large black dogs were the most common dog out there...which means MANY people wanted them.

"Pit bulls" are essentially the same. They are an extremely popular type of dog now and thus, there are a lot of them in the shelter. But it makes no sense at all to just kill all of them that come in without making efforts to adopt them to the public first.

I agree that if a shelter must make the decision to kill dogs in the shelter, then it makes the most sense to kill the less-adoptable dogs. But I think shelters by and large have perpetuated the idea that no one wants to adopt 'pit bulls' or 'big black dogs' in spite of these two types of dogs being the most popular types of OWNED dogs in the country. It doesn't compute.

Ila S

>They are an extremely popular type of dog now and thus, there are a lot of them in the shelter.
There are a lot in the shelter because people are hounded who own these dogs, not because they are not good pets but simply owning one makes one a criminal.

It appears that Peter Ujvagi is making sure that less are owned. Can an elected official be fired? Of course guess he is against farmers too. We need to give Ms. Lyle a chance before she is run out of her job. In some areas 5-6000 of these dogs have been killed just for being a certain breed not because they did anything wrong. So what is right about this? Wonder if Mr. Ujvagi has kept up with the Vick dogs? Remember HSUS wanted all these dogs killed too and all but one are healthy, happy, and "good dogs"!

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