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April 27, 2010



According to this blog entry below no American Staffordshire Terriers have been seized in Ontario let alone Brampton.


That's because the three pure breeds named in the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act are so rare, very few people have probably seen one.

Caveat has some historical info on breed registration in Ontario.


First, kudos to the Brampton Guardian - they have done an incredible job of covering this debacle from the beginning - and following up and looking at the REST of the stats. Sadly, however, despite all this, Animal Control and the city government CONTINUE perpetuating their vendetta - is it for money? Are they on a power trip? I would really like to know who has such a hate on for dogs?


It astounds me that the city is seizing dogs that have never bitten anyone from homes where they are well cared for and loved. Gee, I wonder if these families will turn to the city (shelter) next time they want a pet - or recommend their friends to adopt from the city. Thus the city will tell us we have the "irresponsible public" to blame for filling up the shelters but not adopting the residents.


Brampton City Commissioner of Community Services Jamie Lowery blames the legislation for the city's problems. "It's not the city, it's the legislation," he said.

BULLSHIT Lowery - no one is buying your paltry excuse. NO ONE is putting a gun to anyone's head and MAKING you harass people and KILL innocent pets. In fact, you appear to be THE problem.

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