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April 09, 2010



Excellent post!

I think that all of the cities considering BSL should REALLY look more closely at Denver. Most like to use use them as an example of success. How many REALLY look at the issue?


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I noticed an error in your post which is pretty important. The Vetrans dogs are Service dogs, not therapy dogs. Service dogs are covered by the ADA because they are trained to mitigate their handler's dissability. Therapy dogs are trained to socialize in hospital school settings and are not covered by the ADA


Thanks Charles. I've made the change. I had it correct in a couple of instances, but not in another.

Karen Delise

Thank you so much for putting up the pdf file with the survey questions -

And great job getting it.

There is a dozen things I can say about the way this "question" was worded, but, I'll give you the short version:

Incredibly biased.


Chef David Edelstein

Way to go KC DOG BLOG.

Denver was, is and always will be #1 on our hit parade of cities with breed bans we want to see burned to the ground (theoretically).
Jeanne Fatz has always reported slanted information. Like other non-com-poops who promote breed banning, she doesnt even have the nerve to a public debate over her selective survey results. I personally challenged her last year with no reply.

On a brighter note... the 1st and 2nd pit bulls to survive Denver's Death Row (Forrest and Kane, Summer 2008)are alive and well and currently knapping around my ankles. When I adopted the two boys, I swore I would some day let them poop on the city/ county building lawn in Denver. That promise still stands.

All the best...

Chef David Edelstein
w/ Team Pit-a-Full

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