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April 07, 2010


H Houlahan

Aaagh -- but the teevee "personalities" are SUCH MORONS.

It is good that talking to such people is above my pay grade.


LOL H. I know, right? I love that the guy asked Roo what the chances were of the dog just lashing out an biting him were as he was bent down petting the dog with his face 6 inches away from Hector's.

It's no wonder that the local media has done us no favors when you see a piece like this.


For the love of the gods, he fought DOGS not PEOPLE (and I love how he slipped in "to the death").

Brent - did you see him sort of flinch when Roo flipped Hector back over, though? My husband and I were laughing. We had to watch it twice to be sure that is what happened. He pulled his hand up real quick like Hector was going to 'snap' right then.

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