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April 20, 2010


Jennifer Brighton

Sniff, sniff (tears of happiness) that is so AWESOME!

Jennifer Griffith

Great news, although it sucks that they have to post signs & muzzle their dogs. Those city officials sure are sore losers!

Account Deleted

AWESOME ~ AWESOME ~ AWESOME ~ !!! Yes...the city officials are sore losers and it is just what one would expect from petty tyrants...! I have one thing to say to those city officials...GET A LIFE.

Beth onoffrey

How can they even think those are Pitt Bulls??? Neither resembles one and even if they were the owner should NOT have been kept for seeing their babies... How scarred those poor dogs must have been!


The release of these two dogs is terrific news, but the whole situation is a serious travesty. If I were either of these owners, I would sue each and every involved Brampton City Official personally.

They ought to be ashamed. Fear and ignorance are no excuse.


Strange that the City would instead of placing a comprehensive guide line for such procedure. they opt to spend money on hiring expensive lawyers..The city of Brampton and the civil servants should be held accountable for their actions..maybe even charged under the criminal act.. negligent investigation.

Allowing such behaviors just reinforces abuse of powers..

But that is only my 2 cents worth

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