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April 14, 2010



I am a mother and a dog owner. I am completely mystified as to how a mother could be sleeping on a bed with a baby and not know that a dog was mauling their child right next to them. That seems completely impossible, unless the mother was using drugs or sometime.

I think that there is a LOT more to this story than is being reported.


I agree with you Aimee.. there has been more than one incident like this. Remember the one where the pit bull puppy chewed off a baby's testicles while mom "slept"... she actually turned out to be drugged out of her mind


According to further stories the neighbor that woke the mom was sleeping in the trailer with her 2 year old son in another room. She heard the child crying about 9:30, but he quit after a couple minutes so she went back to sleep. Knocked on the mother's bedroom door later.

The mom had dropped out of school but was taking classes on line. And it is possible that she was just really tired after 7 days of nonstop care, but...

The dog was intact.

Reaching for more reasons, they are sending the dog's head for testing because "his behavior suggests that he had rabies". (I wonder about this - lots of focus on the dog).

I like the information provided by Dogs & Storks. We have a link to them on our website.
But it is either not reaching those most at risk or not changing their behavior. 2 adults in the trailer and neither thought to put the dog in another room while the mom slept?

And I know that some will disagree that neutering the dog would make it less likely, but the high correlation is there, and bites decrease when males are neutered.

And while it is possible that a whole group or community of humans might change their behavior and suddenly start taking better care of their dogs just because they were neutered, as unlikely as that is, veterinarians I talk to tell me that the simpler and far more likely explanation is the removal of the testosterone. Making this more available, in voluntary and respectful ways, to people disadvantaged by income removes most of the barriers and would make communities safer.

I hope the child, and dog, both of whom were victims here, rest in peace.


I would think that the most obvious factor in this tragedy is the fact that the Mother of the deceased child is a child herself.

Chris Shaughness

As a trainer and behavior specialist, I used to give monthly lectures at Babies R Us to soon-to-be parents. I covered all of the information in your post and gave handouts. Any trainers out there - I encourage you to approach your local baby store and ask if you could do lectures.


Great for you Chris. Thanks for doing that type of work. It isn't difficult to handle dogs with a newborn, but there are just a few little things that newly overwhelmed parents often don't think about. These tragedies are so easily avoided with just a little education. Thanks Chris for your work.

H Houlahan

Aside from the extreme youth of the mother -- such that the baby's conception was likely secondary to statutory rape -- the father of this infant has a history of violent crime, with police calls to the residence in the recent past.

These are not people who are managing well before an infant comes into the picture.

H Houlahan

Realized that I read about Daddy's criminal history in a different article:

Authorities had been to the home in December when Carter was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery. He and a roommate fought about the cleanliness of the home, a report said. Carter was accused of punching the man so hard that the man had to be flown to Tampa General Hospital for surgery to relieve swelling of his brain. Carter also was arrested in 2007 on charges of possession of controlled substances and burglary, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

A. friend

A clear example of a need for educating young inexperienced mothers on the care and protection & demand of a baby.


More on the story in the links below, but justa few highlights - "Just a freak accident" according to the neighbor who apparently was in the next room with several other adults when the attack occurred.

The dog had a history of fighting with other dogs and had recently bit a neighbor trying to
break up a fight between him and another dog. That is why the dog was kept in her bedroom.

The mother is 16, but was 15 when the baby was conceived. The dad was 19 at the time.

Animal Control is not filing any charges because "the mother is going to have to live with this".

Dad vaccinated the dog with vaccines from the feed store.


Thanks for the update, Dan. I'm still not sure how a mom sleeps through her child receiving 50 puncture wounds when the child is on the bed with you. I still think this whole thing stinks to high heaven. From what they are describing, there was a lot of trauma to that little body. No mom sleeps through that. I'll be interested to see what the toxicology report shows on her.


I agree with many of the posts above- there is almost certainly more going on than what is being reported. I actually happened upon this page while searching to see if the reports of her toxicology screening had been released. I'm not a mother, but I am an aunt that has spent many nights with my infant nieces and nephew and I just don't understand how anyone could sleep through a dog mauling a baby. Not only was the dog most certainly making noise, but the baby had to have cried unless the dog killed the baby with the first bite.
As far as statutory rape is concerned, I can see where that would be a concern, however, I don't think that should be looked at until after the terrible death of the infant is solved. Many may disagree, however, I think the baby's death is a little more important IN THIS CASE.(Please note I DID NOT say that statutory rape is not an important issue. On the contrary, I believe it is.)

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