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March 21, 2010



you know there is ZERO evidence, other than "an email that came across my desk" that ASPCA intended to kill "Lucy". Of course neither Winograd ... nor anyone else.. bothered to contact APSCA and ask. In fact, ASPCA transferred the dog to a rescue.. isn't that the way Winograd et al are clamoring for their system to work? Oh, BTW, the supposedly well known and reputable organization that supposedly was prepared to care for the possibly dangerously aggressive "Oreo".. no longer listed as a member of the Mayor's alliance and in the news for failing to maintain required NYState credentials.


Emily, you're of course right -- it's not like there was a big media story about this. I tend to trust the source on it. And yes, in the end, the dog was transferred to a rescue -- which is exactly what SHOULD happen -- which is

a) why they've proposed Oreo's law in the first place
b) would not exactly have been the first time a major AW organization did the right thing only upon being pressured into it.

As for Pet's Alive, I've never claimed to know a lot about them -- and it's not as if they lost their credentials permanently or because of some big scandal. They were late getting paperwork sent in. It probably happens hundreds of times a year in different places but no one ever pays much attention unless they happen to be involved in a controversial state law.


This comes as no surprise, but it still disheartening to see the differences in the articles concerning the "pit bull" attack and the attacks involving labradors. Neither of articles covering the incidents with the labs shows a picture, and they are both barely more than a paragraph. The article covering the "pit bull" incident shows the dog behind a chain link fence with a "biting dog" poster, is many paragraphs, and, of course, includes the whole "he's never shown aggression before" nonsense.

Frustrating beyond belief.

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