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March 27, 2010



thumbs up, Brent! I'm going to disagree on one point.
"There are always two sides, and they teach the importance of providing both." This is actually the problem with modern "journalism". Sometimes there are NOT two sides (ex: creationists, birthers, "death panels" etc). By blindly following the archaic "2 sides" notion, modern journalists actually are victimized by propagandists and perpetuate the falsities that are rampant in our society. The use of as a source is an example of this. Journalists don't feel the need to verify whether her information is accurate. It's "the other side" and that's all that matters to them. They can pretend they are being impartial, when what they are doing is helping vicious people lie.

Jennifer Brighton

I'm SO glad you posted another blog on, Brent. I recently wrote Colleen Lynn a lengthy letter (which I'll email you a copy of) because I have had it with them. No reply, of course, as expected.

I post on Dog Bite Law and there is a man whose sole purpose in life is to kill all pit bulls and probably their owners too. In fact, when I recently posted that the Axe Man was an irresponsible owner, he disagreed with me, first slamming pit bulls, which had nothing to do w/ that incident, before going on to say that an owner who gives up his dog to be euthanized after an attack is a responsible owner. I guess it's okay for your young child to be killed as long as you release the dog to authorities after the act. Unless, of course, it's a pit bull and then you shouldn't have had it in the first place because it's a given that it will kill.

This guy cites over and over, along with pitbull-attacks-by-state. They are the only sources he cites.

I note that dogsbite moved from Washington State where I live to Texas. Sort of telling, I think.


I agree with EmilyS. There aren't always two sides. Or at least there aren't always two sides in which both are grounded in the reality based world.

Colleen Lynn is a fear-monger. She is a person with an opinion who has become the god of the anti-dog zealots. How unfortunate she happened to have web design skills! Apparently that is all it takes!


Brent, great write up again! I love it.

I actually have a personal story with this web site. I sent an email to her web site contact some time ago asking why another attack from a differing breed was not on there. I never heard back from Instead, months later I did a Google search on my name and found that she copied and pasted my email with a response to an alternate website and then classifed me as a pit nutter. In addition, she stole my Facebook photo and added it to this web site. To me, this proves pure craziness, and lack of rational thinking. The good part for all of us is that the more people probe into her and her agenda, they find it is not well researched and very one sided (think the Debra Bresch versus interview where she stated that there is not DNA tests and many other lies...

I can't wait to see all of us on her alternate ego web site from this post :-)


Thanks for a great article. We have recently had some inflammatory articles about dog bite incidents in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and lo and behold, a link to the dogsbite site is in the sidebar. That kind of irresponsibility really serves no one. One such incident, in which a child was bitten, took place in Cobb county. The article said that the 'pit bull' would likely be 'euthanized'. Cobb county is one of GA's remaining gassing pounds (with a chamber installed illegally in 1996, 6 years after the Humane Euthanasia Act). Dogsbite thus promotes animal abuse with its fear-mongering. No one is served if dog bite incidents are treated as anything else but an owner problem. No one except those whose egos are fed by fear-mongering and killing dogs.


Another winner! Thanks for all your great posts.


Colleen Lynn is plainly unwell and her sidekick Kory Nelson is a sad dog-hater.

We should really feel sorry for them. It must be very difficult going through life without the ability to apply reason, or never having known the love of a dog.


This is huge, Brent.

First, Carianne, that is really scary. I'm certain I wrote them some kind of hate letter couple of years ago. Very frustrating that I'll now have to do a lengthy search on my name. (amongst hundreds of others, there's a mom working against teen addiction to cough meds, a professor, and some literary supposed genious who all share my name...)

Brent, I thank you for this. WE've got to spread this info far and wide. WE cannot allow this woman and her group to succeed at anything. This is not 'another side'. It's propaganda, hate mongering, fear mongering, lies, and pure irrationality. It needs to stop. It's dead serious. It's killing thousands of innocent dogs. It's breaking up families, it's causing heartache and sorrow for thousands of people. It's posing a true threat to our companionship w/ dogs.

Did I miss Cesar Milan in all this? I always add him to my list of experts because regardless of whether you like him or agree w/ him, he is viewed as today's 'Dog guru' by the GP. He lives w/ pits and rehabs them all the time. He personally knows far more pits than dogsbite and his experience with them is vast.

And Brent, you have PLENTY of credentials, you have not even been able to list them all. All of us can pit you against these liars ANY day! What can we do to discredit this heresy. (yes, heresy, not heresay)??

Social Mange

Excellent article! I'm so glad you went into the why's and wherefor's of how these rabid nutters keep getting quoted.

Stephanie Feldstein

Excellent post. It's about time someone exposed Dogsbite. I've also noticed the disturbing trend recently of the site being quoted as "expert."


Great post, Brent! And you came up with some additional organizations whose position statements I need to add to my list. Thank you!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this excellent article. Even supposed dog lovers like Terrierman quote It's very disturbing that one person - an expert in NOTHING - holds so much sway in the BSL issue and whether dogs live or die.


Amber: Terrierman is not a dog lover, and he hates pit bulls. He quotes dogsbite because it confirms his prejudices.


Thank you, Brent, for this post.

It's incredible that people will believe anything they read without researching just a tiny bit to determine its reliability.

I would love to see someone like Ms. Lynn in a situation where a rescue dog is needed. Imagine the look on her face when a Pit Bull greets her as the debris is cleared. Although, with people like this, even a PB saving her life wouldn't change her mind.

H Houlahan

NADOI -- the oldest dog trainers' professional society in the US, and the only one that requires credentialing for membership, has a strong position on BSL:


Glenn Greenwald:

"It would be as if someone created a website for the purpose of posting every story of every actual crime committed by African-Americans, or by Jews, or other minorities, but no others. There are such sites, of course, but one never hears about them, because they are white supremacist sites outside of the mainstream."

And those websites exist only to incite hatred and violence. Fine company whatshername is in.


When I read Carianne's response it reminded me of an article I posted on the truth about pit bulls, listing facts w/links to actual experts (what a concept for these folks)about how pits are damned everywhere they turn, being fought to the death by criminals on the one hand, and killed by the State on the other through no fault of their own. It also ran on the Examiner where Dogsbite and friends showed up to spew their garbage for days on end, with a couple people slapping them down.

They play heavily on fear. Unfortunately, fear is the weapon wielded by the black helicopter crowd and other fringe groups from politics to dogs. It works. They know this. It makes generally intelligent people get stupid, fast. And then the fringe folks scream "unfair" if they don't get on tv.

I agree with EmilyS that journalists who refer to organizations with opposing views just for the sake of presenting one are irresponsible. I thought the journalist's principle intent was for opposing *credentialed* experts to air their views, not to lend a platform and credibility to someone with a website and a grudge. This may be the reason so many people now disrespect experts and believe opinion is just as good as fact. Instead of educating the public with opposing views, they just help to cripple critical thinking.

Karen Delise

Brent, Please do not forget to add the National Canine Research Council to your list of organizations that oppose breed specific legislation.

Karen Delise

Laurie Stinson

Way to Brent, EXPOSE THEM ALL. There's a SPECIAL place in HEAVEN for people like you my friend! Keep up the good work. The ignorance just goes on and on. OH AND THERE'S A SPECIAL PLACE FOR ALL THESE ANIMAL KILLERS TOO! I'm sorry to say I have given money to PETA in the past because I thought they were a good organization but you and others have opened my eyes. I wrote them a nasty letter and rest assured They will NEVER see my money again! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Sarah A

No, she won't question your credentials, she'll either call you a dog fighter, or claim that you are making money off of pit bulls in some way.


Great article. I wish more people would realize how full of poo that "source of information" truly is. The two most-quoted sources of "information" against pit bull type dogs are from dogsbite and the Clifton report, which are both extremely flawed.

Thanks, and looks like you have a great pair of dogs :D

MaryH - The Real Pit Bull

GREAT post, Brent. Awesome. That's all I can say.


This is a great blog and nice to have a place where is exposed in detail. It's sickening that some people consider them and Kory Nelson "experts" when the truth is that they are really extremely prejudiced, close-minded, and have no reasoning and logic skills whatsoever.

Carianne, I can't believe that dogsbite did that to you. For them to take your picture and put a response without you knowing should not be legal.


Thanks all for the comments. Sarah A - I chuckled when I read yours because you're likely right. The idea that I make money helping rescue dogs and writing this blog is pretty funny -- because it actually couldn't be more opposite from the truth as I end up spending a small fortune (to me) on this as opposed to making $$, LOL


Excellent article, once again Brent YOU ROCK. I can't for the life of me understand how "they" get press but I have noticed that they are quoted. As soon as I see them quoted I know the writer has not clue one.

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