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March 22, 2010



What is a chest collar? A harness?

I got excited when I saw your tweet since I am near Sioux City, but I'm not sure that this is much better than what they already have. Maybe someday they will wise-up. I'm not holding my breath.


I'm assuming that's a harness. Clearly that idea is not written by anyone who's ever actually walked a young, high-energy dog before. There's a reason people don't use them for training folks.

Make your voice heard in Sioux City -- they're looking for options to make things better. I agree that this isn't (in fact, the two ordinances are kind of contradictory) -- which is why we need educated people to help them find the right solution.


I wrote but they didn't seem very interested in logical suggestions from non-residents.


how bizarre that they KNOW they have a problem with their BSL and yet their solution is... another form of BSL! Some people are so wrapped around a (bad) idea they can't see the clear way to a good idea... Denver of course is another extremely notable case in point. How many times do they want to waste money defending the indefensible before they.... stop.


Add the UK to your list too Emily. They know their BSL has failed, but continue to look for options to add on top of the law to make it "better" vs nixing the law and starting over.

It's like getting rid of the law admits failure vs adding a new law is somehow progress.

Or something.

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