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March 26, 2010



protect them by killing them.

I cannot even get my mind around the vicious Orwellian cruelty of PETA's stance (until recently it was also the HSUS stance, but thankfully they realized it and no longer advocate for killing pit bulls)

No Kill Houston

After the very public successes of shelters rehabilitating the Vick dogs, I am surprised that PETA is stupid enough to continue advocating for the killing of all pit bulls.

Emily, HSUS changed their stance because so many people spoke out for the animals and against HSUS' position. They bowed to pressure from true animal lovers. It's up to us to keep speaking up for the animals.

Amy Thomas

SO, is there something that can be done? Letters to that same newspaper? Form a GIANT anti-peta pro-animal group? If all the llittle advocates got together, maybe someone would listen and some celebrities would endorse US. (Unfortunately, fame counts as having the proper opinion)

ALso, for a heartwarming/heartbreaking novel that I think capotures the heart of a pit bull... try reading One Good DOg by Susan Wilson.

Social Mange

OK, let's continue PETA's logic. The children of PETA people should be killed to protect them. After all, they could be abused by their parents or seized and abused by pedophiles. Kill the children now to save them the misery. Logical, no?


PETA believes pet-keeping is akin to slavery. So of COURSE it's 'kinder' in their mind to kill an animal rather than let them 'suffer' by being owned by a human being.

In their mind, the greatest form of 'Animal Liberation' is death. Dead animals can't be 'abused', after all.


Ah yes, "we had to kill them to save them".

It's always so refreshing to hear from PETA on the subject of pit bulls.

I find the argument that "nice people don't adopt shelter pit bulls" fascinating. I wonder what characteristics make me "not nice", since I have adopted three shelter/rescue pit bulls and therefore must certainly be "not nice". I wonder if the nostril piercing alone could make me suspect.


Appreciate this piece much, Brent. AWESOME point, Social Mange. For that matter, surely many PETA members suffer from illnesses, various types of abuse, and pain. But I don't see them committing suicide in order to be 'LIBERATED'!! So, why IS anyone listening to PETA anymore? That's the secret we need to bust. Pai, as Nathan Winograd points out, PETA cannot possibly be FOR animal rights. If an animal is not granted the right to life, it cannot possibly be granted any other rights. Sadly, PETA spokespeople must not have ever owned a pet and taken proper care of it, otherwise they would not liken this life to slavery. PETA kills animals. PETA lies. PETA steals. PETA is a terrorist group. PETA is dangerous. That's about it in a nutshell.

Pit Bull Lover

Doesn't PETA stand for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals??? How is this in any way ethical??? Sounds like a bunch of hypocritical assholes to me.

Shad Christopoulos

These are the same people who asked Fishkill, NY to change it's name? Could they get ANY crazier?

I'd rather support my local no-kill shelter than a giant organization like PETA.

Karen Schlabach

One Good Dog, as mentioned above is an excellent book...about the peril of being a pit bull that found love. PETA and HSUS need to be eliminated.


Why is PETA running a shelter anyway? l thought they were just a political group. Sounds like the members have lost their focus .....and their minds.


TraceyM, according to them, they are not running a shelter because they don't have the money. Never mind that they have millions of dollars from fund-raising and donations. Never mind that they continue to take in surrendered pets rather than redirecting owners to real shelters. As a result, ANY pet surrendered to them is immediately euthansized, often in the owner's driveway without even being given a chance at adoption. It's sad because many people are under the misconception that PETA is a no-kill shelter. :( Or they think PETA will at least try to find their pet a home.

What makes it worse is that this group has only adopted out 8 dogs in 2009! It took in about 2400, meaning only 1 in 300 found homes. The rest were killed. In comparsion, one of the shelters near them seems to adopt out between 60% and 75% of their animals.

PETA is classified as a non-profit animal shelter in Virginia (where their headquarters is located), but clearly they don't live up to that. I like the idea of classifying them as a slaughterhouse!

Laurie Karakhanian

PETA talks the talk in front of everyone, but behind closed doors, the animals in their care are put to death!!!!!!!!!!!


Typical illogical PETA - at least they are consistent in their lunacy?? I am surprised that no one has informed PETA that animal abusers do not only target pit bulls. Must we therefore assume that PETA does not give a crap about other breeds, based on their statements. Or, are they really just admitting that their true agenda is to exterminate all pit bulls! Isn't it time that the cities started banning PETA.

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