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March 19, 2010



You may not think the puppy mill initiative is "the answer", and maybe it won't solve the problem in its entirity. But that is no reason to vote against it. It will do some good, and so I pray it passes.


Out of curiosity Dan, what good will it do? 90% of the rules are already on the books. The other 10% (which is mostly the 50 dog limit) has an easy loophole around it.

Word is that HSUS and others have half a million dollars in this already -- and it will likely cost several million dollars in advertising to get this to pass. Again, several million dollars that will be used to NOT solve the problem as everyone who has studied it has defined it - which is enforcement issues.

Meanwhile, what may be worse about it, is that if this passes, the only way to make changes is to take it BACK to the voters -- which will cost even more millions of dollars. So if at any point we want to create a demand for MORE kennel space than what the current initiative bill outlines, or if we realize the 50 dog limit isn't limiting large-scale operations because 3 people can go into business together and all own 50 dogs and have a 150 dog operation -- if we decide we want to change ANYTHING on the bill, it will then cost millions more to get it back on the ballot and passed again.

There are a lot of reasons to vote against it....and I'm struggling to find a reason to vote FOR it and I hate that we have, as a state, become a haven for the worst of the worst breeding operations.

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