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March 31, 2010


H Houlahan

Ben Konop can come sit here by me.


I might have to fight HHoulahan over Ben Konop. He is truly one of the big big heroes in the Toledo story. I'm really hopeful that not only has Toledo turned the corner, but this is a new path for better lives for pit bulls and their owners throughout Ohio.


I'm glad to see these welcome changes in my hometown. I've volunteered with dog rescues and Toledo's kill rate under Skeldon was worse than some rural shelters in the south; in fact many of those shelters were and are making bigger efforts to save animals than Toledo was during Skeldon's tenure.

However, they really need to charge a bit more for dog licenses for unspayed and unneutered dogs, maybe $5.00 more - it will make people think.


Great stuff. This is very encouraging and hopefully reflects a larger sea change in how we value these pit bull terrier type dogs nationwide.

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