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March 05, 2010



It sounds like the dogs were kept chained 24/7 and when the owner went out of town, he asked his neighbor relatives to put food out for them. From several angles, this was a recipe for problems. I'm sorry this lady was killed.

Lisa in OH

Coroners report said she died from a heart attack probably brought on by the attack


If you mug someone and they die of a heart attack you are still charged with their murder.

Maybe the only reason why the dog stopped attacking was because she stopped fighting.

Either way the dog was responsible for her death.


True enough Doug. But if you mug someone and they die of a heart attack, you will typically get a lesser penalty than if you mutilate the person to death.

It just change the perception of the attack a little if the person's actual cause of death is a heart attack vs physically killed by the dog -- even if the dog (or, in reality, the owner of the dog) was ultimately responsible.


I am sure that will comfort the victims family...


True. Although keep in mind, it was the victim's family that owned the dog that caused the situation in the first place.

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