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March 30, 2010



I hope he wins!!! It's to bad that this is the only way to maybe get laws to change.


The Lakewood Therapy Dogs for Vets Hit Squad had better start looking in the want ads.


Long ago, I used to live in Lakewood. When it was, you know, Lakewood (former residents will know what I mean). I sincerely hope, Leonard, that you bury these self-important, fussy little twerps and their formerly pleasant, normal community.

And thank you for your service. And thank Roscoe for his.

Social Mange

Good for Mr. Shelton, I hope he wins!


Funny I think I mentioned while speaking publicly to Lakewood city council just this problem they would be facing back at one of the first Council meeting we had in reference to this stupid ban. While everyone else approached them about loving dogs, all the statistics to show them it's the people not the dogs etc. ( which they ignored) I told them, let me go at this angle, which is all you might be interested in. You are already in debt over your heads, you think once you start taking these dogs away this city can afford the lawsuits that will follow. How about a class action that could cost you millions? Um they didn't listen. What a surprise. I hope he wins and I believe, no I KNOW there will be more of us coming. I can totally agree that they are just trying to remove a certain "element" of people there. I know this personally and hopefully in the coming days you will see me here to telling you all about the rest of the residents stories! Thanks for the story Brent, it has bred some new life into this long battle!

Beajay Michaud

We left Lakewood a little over a year ago. I have to agree with Ted, Lakewood is not the same Lakewood we purchased our home in 1995. It has changed so much.


This is what happens when you shoot first and ask questions later. I hope this guy puts the city through the ringer!

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