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March 04, 2010



Boy John, with your approach to trying to "teach" humans in that post I can't imagine how you haven't been more persuasive in getting people to see your point of view.

Like I said in the actual post, I understand why professionals have their criticisms of Cesar -- but that I've never understood the venom spewed toward him and the all-or-nothing, either you agree with me or you're completely wrong attitude that he's brought out of the training world. Thanks for proving my point beautifully.


"6) EmilyS talked about this in her post, but I feel it needs more re-enforcement since the fools STILL defend Cesar. Cesar pretty much killed his own pitbull, Daddy, by allowing 2 other violent pits to attack him. Seriously, who does that?"

I'm not going back to read what I wrote, but it was surely NOT that Cesar killed Daddy or that the dogs that attacked him were "violent". He allowed Daddy to be attacked, through his own carelessness... Daddy was not seriously injured and lived many more years. I do NOT defend or support Milan's "training" methods.

Gilberto Colon

Dearesr Cesar,i'm so sorry for the loss of your dog Daddy.I myself lost a pet cat named Charlie and had him for quite a few years but he passed due to a massive hairball and had to be put to rest.I said i will never have a pet again (yeah right)but a good friend of mine introduced me to Marlon my 5 yr. old terrier mix. I love him dearly as a child that i could never have and when we watch your show Dog Wisperer and he hears the dogs barking he literally sits on the bed in my studio apt. and watches the show and even howls at the t.v.All pets are one of a kind and i would fear if losing Marlon because i once became ill one saturday and stayed in bed from head to toe in a comforter that's how sick i was and low and behold who was underneath the comforter with me until i got better you betcha by boo boo Marlon who i will cherish allways so those of you people who have pets give them love and you won't regret it because he/she will return it faithfully, thanks Cesar for all you do love Gil & Marlon.


this was a great post, even if I'm finding it a little late. CF should locate the very best professional in her area and ask for references from successful cases like her own and then check them. A good professional can help owners and fearful dogs alike make huge strides; I've had them both with and without and yes, you can do it yourself but it's a blessing for the dog to have the help to reach more of their potential faster.

Regarding the criticism of Cesar's very large pack, I have a pack that includes 5 bully breed females. When you are providing the stable leadership all dogs crave and you CONTROL THE ENVIRONMENT and the dogs have good leadership and know what is expected of them this is perfectly safe. It means knowing well the dogs involved, their personalities and being able to read their excitement level and controlling that excitement by keeping it at a good level and teaching them self-control (mine will actually stop play before it gets too wild and shake it off, then resume after a few minutes at a much less intense level--this is easy to train). Nobody would allow a frenzied free-for-all by turning out together and winding up a bunch of pitties you never met before and who have no experience with each other, and Cesar doesn't either.
I love his advocacy for the bully breed and the basics of responsible ownership that are necessary for every dog to be all that they can be, even if I disagree with his exact methods (usually because people don't understand and then make a mess trying to copy him but blame their failure on the dog) because they work well for him but most people lack the understanding and perfect timing to replicate it.


The animal welfare organizations dislike Cesar because they don't help animals... they help themselves through the use of animals and propaganda... big difference.

Debbie higgins

My dog is so excited to see me when I come home she jumps and jumps on me..sometimes she tears my cloths..o have kneed her..I have given her cookies so she can eat them and not jump..I've told her off. I can't take it..she hurts me sometimespecially. .what can I do to stop her?

DC O'Brien

I'm glad you wrote this. I agree with you 100% but probably even more positively. I studied CT with the Baileys, among a dozen other trainers, and there are variations on all methods that stress the dogs. The thing I noticed about purely positives (not all but many) is that while their dogs can do many "tricks" (all taught behaviors being tricks), it is not uncommon to see the same dogs pull on the leash, become erratically aggressive to other dogs or animals, show strong separation anxiety, etc. I believe this is because manners (boundaries) are non-negotiable and while a well raised dog will only be stressed on occasion by learning to perceive and honor boundaries, the dogs CM works with are NOT well raised and often are in the hands of people shockingly ill-equipped to deal with them. Occasionally, as in the wolf dog that bit everyone and ended up choking itself on its collar while it tried to demolish CM (and if any of you would've let that huge beast bite you instead, good on ya!), the animal has established such a peculiar set of responses that a strong hand is absolutely required in order not only to rehab the dog but to SAVE its LIFE. Furthermore, with CT and other reward methods, when it comes to manners (dog MUST recall; dog MUST NOT charge out doors), one's timing must be exquisite in order to achieve results. Whereas, if the behavior is, e.g., SIT, a slow sit or crooked sit or occasionally missed sit just doesn't matter. Having been in the dog fancy for 52 years, in conformation, obedience, and rescue, I have to place most of the "haters" in the "just jealous" category. Though, to be fair, some people don't realize their own dog has 100 tricks but just won't listen. Good luck.


Really interesting post about dog training. Always a challenge, but it seems to be for everyone, trainers and owners alike.

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