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March 10, 2010



AP is saying:
"Tribal Administrator Stephanie Ramsey says two adult dogs attacked the infant after the animals were brought inside for shelter from the rain.

Ramsey says the dogs were given to the family the day before the attack. She declined to say what breed the animals are."

H Houlahan


Not a fatality this time.

Jennifer Brighton

The more the media portrays certain dog breeds as "dangerous," the more irresponsible owners are going to latch onto them, without regard for humans or the dogs. So many stories of loose dogs attacking - very upsetting. If you truly care for your dog you do not let it out of your sight. The old days of roaming dogs is gone and people need to accept that. But obviously some don't get it or care. They'll just replace the poor euathanized dog with another one. Unfortunately the same can't be said for a human life.

If owners are not made to answer for their actions when it comes to their animals, it seems things will continue to get worse.



I wish we had more info such as, how did the baby get out of the crib.

Stephanie Easley

This is Stephanie Easley i am the mother of the Justin Josiah Lopez if its really important that you must know what happend plzs email me

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