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February 07, 2010



Winograd's hysterical fact-free rantings have really worn thin with me, though I support the vision of "let's kill as few as possible" (the term "no kill" itself is a lie). And his biological illiteracy in a recent post rivals PETA.


Jones county, GA is ripe for some changes. In 2007, their kill rate was 84% ( Liberty County's was 49% (, which meant that they killed about 1000 animals. I'd rather see them open a low-cost clinic, improve customer service, and in general, reform their shelter than pass any form of MSN. Their gas chamber was shut down in 2006 after a hound named Grace survived it. Grace's Law is in the House this legislative session, and I'd like to see that one passed (
Thanks for mentioning my PETA article. I'm serious about the robots. They may still have the cat robots (which to me look like bad taxidermy)from the cat sex video. I'm sure that they can be reprogrammed to keel over dead rather than hump each other.



I can somewhat understand -- but I do understand where he's coming from. The guy has been repeatedly attacked by many of the high-powered, deep-pocketed organizations that are doing it wrong for nearly a decade now. Meanwhile, he's been trying to show people a proven way of ending the senseless killing of dogs and cats and is being criticized for it and ignored by the orgs with all the $$$. While at times he does go on tangents, I admire the compassion, and respect that the message is right and how frustrating it would be to have people not listening...


Emily, I am a real fan of Wingrad and what he is accomplishing, but I cannot claim to be up on all that he is doing now.

So, in all innocense and ignorance, I am asking you about his 'hysterical fact-free rantings'-- because that does not sound like the Winograd that I met and whose book I have read.

Please tell me what rants he has gone on that are fact free. We need to know.

H Houlahan

The woman whose maltese mix was killed by pit bulls who is spearheading the move to effectively ban a whole suite of breeds in Exeter, CA may have a slight problem on her hands.

That "Labrador mix" in her lap looks a hell of a lot like "pit bull" to me.

As a professional, I'd be willing to testify to that effect.

FYI, California passed a bill about three-four years ago that allows for this nonsense by municipalities.


H. Help me out with the California law. I know that it allows for cities to mandate the spay/neuter of dogs based on breed (it was essentially passed because San Francisco wanted to do MSN) -- but I didn't realize they could do all of the other nonsense within that law....


Emily, when you accuse someone of making hysterical fact free rantings its probably good to include some "facts" in your own.

All I can say is without Winograd pounding the drum we'd not be NEAR where we are now. The animal welfare community would continue to be lapping up animal rights bullshit without anyone to protest.

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