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February 02, 2010



If anyone knows an org on the ground in CN that is helping Maria find a lawyer please post. Someone needs to help her get a lawyer and people can help her with the costs.

Jennifer Brighton

This just puts a "pit" in my stomach every time I read about these types of incidents as I know it could happen to me, except that I am fortunate to live in an area that I don't believe would institute an all-out breed ban.

It is so outrageous as to be unbelievable that in this day and age our pets can be confiscated in this manner and that it continues despite all the information out there as to how wrong it is. What is wrong with officials? I intend on writing letters and signing petitions, that's for sure.

H Houlahan

Yes, breed ID is hard.

Except when it isn't.

Like when a dog is an obvious boxer.

Another Pissed off Brampton Resident



I did find out that these people have lawyers and execution day has been delayed. No word yet on if they need donations.


If this doesn't make BSL proponent's intention to kill as many dogs as possible plain, no matter their breed, what does?
And why are the mainstream media aiding and abetting them with their refusal to print/air the facts?


Not to mention that Rambo was licensed by the CITY for two consecutive years as a Boxer/American Bulldog Mix. Thanks for posting this.


Is that boxer definitely Rambo? It looks a lot like Brittany's owner's other dog (who appears to not have been seized):

Cynthia Pearman



What happened today? where your dogs returned back to you? Everyone, including myself, have prayed for them and your family!

Social Mange

Check out the great turnout for the BramHell protest, on a freezing cold day!!!


Hi Lori
That is Rambo.
Here's another picture

french mastiff

I think for those people who had been associated with the BSL must be thinking of that the stories of the Rambo and Brittany were not that serious until some of the legal action were taken against there conduct,its really harassing and not tolerable at all.


Another waste of Brampton tax dollars. 2010 is an election year, time to vote some of these idiots out, starting with the mayor on down.

Gisele Baka

Once these people win their case we will have to concentrate on having BSL bill 132 recinded. Maybe we should just shock most Canadian by printing pictures of piles of dead pitbulls because of hysteria. And let the public know that none of those dogs ever hurt anybody and had good homes. We need to have children tell how much killing their dog affected them. People normally pay attention to children.


I rememebr recieving an email sometime back abotu something similar i think in England?? They were not even willing to allow the dogs to be placed in another state that had no ban as there was rescue willing to take them. I'm not sure what ever happened with that :(
But i guess there are ill eduacted people on dog breeds in other back-yards also:(

HOw rediculous!!
That is bunch of BS... saying he is pit -confirmed by DNA.ANyone can look and see he is a BOXER. I can't tell anyone how many times working in rescue that shelters will list dogs as certain breeds that are no where what they are!! But info on paper... doesn't make them who they are either! - I'd like to see that paperwork & tests!!! as an owner / their owner i'd be asking. I know there is a USA DNA site that you can request a DNA kit and they will test it for dog breeds- wonder if there is someone/ somewhere local that can help with that. Just found this link for the same company who is doing it in Canada now also. Please read for anyone who wants info- even to test your own dog,

ANd even if they were- iT SAYS NOTHING OF THEM COMING AFTER THE BAN ????- I hope they were there before the law came into effect.

It is rediculus to target a dog- based on its breed OF ANY KIND . I have met more little dogs that were MORE TROUBLESOME dangerous than others.

Why does the AC not work with the owners to find a solution. Muzzles- even as horrid as that is for no reason!!- if that isn't an option- allowing rescue in another location who has no ban to take them! I would rather see my babies be safe with that as a last alternate than being euth! I am liking my pack more each day than these indiviuals that think they are dealing with an issue !

Anyone please post any current info on where things stand!

All my fingers & furry paws are crossed for them!

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