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February 27, 2010



A raw diet can also help with dental health. Mina and Celeste think its the best way, actually. But they'd probably like brushless toothpaste treats, because they are not horribly picky.


Thank you for bringing this up. Dental health isn't "just" a health issue - dental disease can even cause heart problems - but it is a quality of life issue too.

It's not just about bad breath. Most of us know how terribly painful a bad tooth can be... they are JUST as painful for our pets. They are better at hiding their pain than we are, and they will continue eating even when they have terrible dental pain because of their strong survival instincts. But a rotten tooth hurts them every bit as much as it hurts us.


Daisy loves chewing on huge rope toys. Keeps her teeth clean. Rope acts like floss.
My other dog hates having his teeth brushed so I use a dental spray and water dish additive. Kills plaque, soothes/disinfects gum irritations and freshens breath.

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