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February 04, 2010



Okay I live in KCK and last night the police and animal shelter showed up at my house. I answered the door they said "are those your 2 pit bulls out there?" I told them no those are my 2 American Bulldogs out back. They were complete buttholes and literally tried to argue with me. I went inside grabbed my CKC Registered Paperwork and brought them out they tried to call me a liar! I had to call the guy I bought the dogs from to prove they were American Bulldogs. They said they recieved complaints that the dogs were locked up on the screened in porch barking. So they took our dogs. I have a female (who is fixed and current with all shots) who is mine. Then I have a male (not fixed whom is my fiancees) I asked them last night if I could come get the dogs out myself this morning they say yes of course you can! I go down there this morning with all the shot paperwork and proof that my babygirl is fixed. Swartz recognized me from coming up there previously when I was helping my fiancee get his dog out back in March. Since his American bulldog wasn't fixed he tried to tell my fiancee in March 2010 that the dog would not leave their Animal Control Shelter without being fixed first. We called our vet our vet told us they get away with doing alot of illegal crap there and that there are many people taking them to court over numerous things. When I walked in there today to get my dogs the man came into the lobby as soon as he seen me and started yelling at me because of my fiancee (whom was not even with me this morning) I simply told him that I was only here to get my dogs and that I dont want to argue with him. He got even more irate and said f**k you tell jason to come get the dogs cause your not getting your damn dogs! I told him that I would not be leaving without my female since all of her paperwork including CKC papers were all in my name. I had to fight with this man for an hour and a half to get MY dog back! He gave me 7 tickets for a dog that wasnt even mine. I want to report this and see what I can do so noone else has to suffer through this but I have no idea how to go about doing so! On top of everything they told us our male has to leave city limits since he is not fixed and the only way we will get him out is if we bring someone to sign over the dog to and if the dog is ever caught in KCK ever again my fiancee and I would both be prosecuted and serve jail time! Is this even legal??? My dogs are the happiest lil big things Ive ever seen! I have a 3 year old daughter that rides my male like a horse! How can they just say you cant have him cause he still has his man parts? I got my female fixed and it made her vicious! if i did that to my male im scared to see what he would do! Neither of my dogs have ever bitten a human in any way! I dont think this is legal! and im willing to do whatever i have to do to see this man gone from the animal control dept. threatening people? threatening to whoop my fiancees butt because we wont neuter our dog??? i dont know what to do.....

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