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February 18, 2010


KC KS Kills Dogs

Great job, both of you, Brent and Michelle!! I was afraid for a moment with some of the call ins that the whole show was going to only end up focusing on the MO State puppy mill petition drive, but it turned around.

Lots of ground covered, and the emphasis on people getting out and voting in pet friendly candidates was well done.

Maybe this type of radio interview thing could be come a regular gig????

Thanks again for getting out there in the forefront and doing this!!!


Thanks KCKS.

Yeah, I was a little taken off guard by the puppy mill issue being the first call in question -- I hadn't really prepped for that at all. And yeah, I was concerned it would be a slippery slope. I was glad we got the break half way through for PSAs to get a chance to redirect things a little. We sure missed out on a lot of points we wanted to make, but they had a lot of callers which they were pleased with, so we hope that we can get back in on a somewhat recurring basis to do it a little more often.

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