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February 22, 2010



Re CCF - Anyone can say what they like about who they are, what they stand for, etc. But you can't fault their PETA and HSUS research.


Brent...once again you have hit the proverbial nail right on the head. Very few "animal lovers" know the true agenda of HSUS and how little of their donations end up helping animals in need.

At the Veterinary News Network, after the CCF posted the 2008 tax forms from HSUS, we directly asked an HSUS representative on Twitter (I believe she was their "new media" chief or something like that) to refute the evidence. She simply laughed at us! (Actually, she "LOL"ed at us in a tweet that simply attacked CCF without providing any useful information). We sent a professional email to her asking for HSUS' side of the story and we have yet to year from her (that was sent early last month).

I too just found out about the Dominos/HSUS link this past weekend. Why didn't I get a notice of that from Wayne? Maybe I would have kicked in more money? He sure sent me a notice quickly enough when the new site "" went up asking for my help and money....


FYI on Haiti:


Yes Emily, I've been keeping up with BF and the ASPCA's Haiti stuff too. I'm sure there is a LOT of work to be done down there in general to give animals a higher level of care than they are currently getting -- that said, the same could be said for the majority of the people there.

However, from most of the reports, the post earthquake situation for animals didn't appear to be that much worse than normal (unlike for the people). And it's harder for me to criticize BFs and ASPCA in this case because I get the general sense that they were doing something down there and at least people's donations were being used for the purpose it was donated for...


If I recall correctly, BF actually asked donations for Haiti's animals to stop at one point because they had as much as they could effectively use. Ah yes, here it is:


Thanks Jim for posting. I had vaguely remembered seeing that, but couldn't find it. It's pretty amazing to see an organization actually say "we have enough money for this cause -- if you want to donate for other ones great, but we're good here" vs just taking the money and using it for whatever.

Eden Springs

Actually, the AVMA went to Haiti with one of the earliest missions as a part of the coalition that HSUS decided to not participate in and, while they didn't find many animals in need of immediate care due to the quake, they did find a need for vaccination programs for both small and large animals. I believe they are working with Haiti officials on that as a long-term issue. OMG! Animals in NEED that are actually being CARED FOR! By REAL EXPERTS who know what they're doing! And not a single citizen to arrest for cruelty, abuse or neglect in sight...what's the world coming to these days?

Josh Gowans

This post reminded me of a post from Anai Rhoads re: animal groups cashing in on Haiti ( and an elegant position on HSUS and local humane societies (


Don't listen to anything Josh Gowans says. He ordered the deaths of many abused Pit Bulls in South Carolina, just like Ed Sayres did in NYC.


If I was rating HSUS fund raising tactics I would be past fraudulent to criminal!

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