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February 09, 2010



WTF is wrong with people???? You're right Brent: it's not about the dogs. But then, with BSL, when is it EVER about the dogs???

Social Mange

Dead on, Brent. I remember all the horror stories about dogs in the U.K. breed-specific kennels...starved, abused, cage-crazy.

If the City of Brampton has nothing to hide, then city administration should behave honourably and allow an independent veterinarian to attend these dogs.


That is so disgusting! BSL aside, neither of those dogs look anything like Pit Bulls. This should strike fear into the heart of any dog owner.



We had a dog in Kansas City, KS a few years back that was adopted from the shelter as a boxer mix puppy, then grew up, and AC decided it was a pit bull (banned in KCK), and took the dog away. The dog sat in the shelter for 9 months during his prime adolescence - -the only time he got out of the kennel was when they cleaned it, and they moved the dog with a catch pole. By the time the people got the DNA test back and the trial done, the wife was on bed rest 8 months pregnant, the dog had a host of behavioral problems (including not being able to be walked on a leash), and many spots where the dog had nervously licked himself into having sores. The family got the dog back, realized they couldn't handle his behavior, and gave up on him.

It turned out that it was nothing a good trainer (and a few leashes) couldn't fix -- and the dog is in a good home again - -but these cities that pull this crap have no idea the damage they do to dogs that were never a problem in the first place.


If it were me (well, it wouldn't be me, because I'd be in the cell w/ my dog, or be shot) (I guess....), I sure would be demanding to see any law on the books prohibiting me from visiting my dog or allow my vet to check on him/her.

There is no ryhme or reason here. None. You know there is no law on this -- they're making it up as they go along. And they must be stopped. EVERY time they make this sh-t up.


I think they need a not so peaceful protest this time.


You're keeping way better track of this than I am. Thanks for the new links. The no vet visit policy is disgusting but understandable in terms of liability. The city is obviously protecting their dirty asses in case an independent vet finds anything wrong with the dogs.

KC KS Kills Dogs


Is there an agency that oversees the public shelter these dogs are impounded in? Could someone file a complaint against the city shelter for certain inconsistencies w/o bringing up the BSL angle and get an inspector in there to look at these two dogs?

Would there be some way to have the results of the inspection made public?

Usually it's been my experience that the inspections are done without prior notice to the staff to check on conditions.

Tim Greene

It has to do with not wanting to get to know the dogs. Visitation with the owners would humanize the dogs, and make them more than a number to the jailers. Much harder to kill the dogs if they become familiar to you.

Very sad, I see it in the Human jail system all the time.


I have signed the petition you posted in an earlier entry. But I really want to do something more. Do you know if there is an address or addresses we can write to? Maybe if these people realized they're literally causing an international incident, it would help. (I'm in Colorado.)

Tom K

Maybe this kind of garbage is why people have been irate enough to approach the shelter in Lawrence Kansas carrying weapons. We don't know how the Grinsteads treat people but why is it that people get this angry in exactly one city? What is the shelter in Lawrence doing to make people so angry?

The pitbull laws have never been anything but spite and some of it is because no city these days can simply say "we hate black people."

There is also a heavy dose of spite by the AR people against anyone who owns animals.



Brampton Animal Services
475 Chrysler Drive, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6S 6G3

phone: (905)458-5800
e-mail: [email protected]

I don't have any names other at the BAS but I'm sure if you mention the names Rambo and Brittany, they'll know what you're talking about and who to forward the mail/message to.

Mariam Mesbah was the spokesperson for Brampton who was interviewed on TV when this story first broke.

[email protected]

And here's the mayor's fax number: 905 874 2620

More city hall contact info can be found here:


Thank you, Fred. I just sent an email to Animal Services. I think I may try to send actual letters this weekend so that they can't be ignored as easily as an email.

I'm just heartbroken about this.


I've asked before but if anyone knows of a legal fund being set up for these folks I would gladly contribute. We are fighting for our civil rights here - this isn't just about "dogs". Obviously lives hanging in the balance makes it a greater concern.

Tom, I know there are people that would say good things about Midge and there is a bad element of dog owners in Lawrence. I do have an issue with their ACs carrying guns without being actual police officers. I have a chip on my shoulder because my uncle was denied adoption of a pit bull because he had unaltered beagles. Yeah, we'd rather kill them!

Tom K

It only takes one bad apple to make a shelter look bad. I qualify all of my statements with the fact that I don't know anything about the individuals involved but I've never heard of anyone, anywhere, threatening shelter employees with guns and baseball bats and I've heard of some shelters doing very nasty things to people, egregiously cruel and illegal things. So why is it only in Lawrence?


Open letter from these 'people' in response to the level of protest from around the world is posted on our website:

no doubt Brent will copy it here but meantime have a look at their attempt to defend the indefensible!


If there was a manual describing ideal Pit Bull temperament, it would
probably read something like this: "The Pit Bull is goofily friendly towards
people - family, friends, and strangers alike. Known for its sound
character, strong nerve, and great intelligence, the breed makes an ideal
companion for households with children, while remaining strong and
vigilant enough to protect its loved ones if need be. It is never necessary
to embark on guard or attack training with this breed, as they are
naturally attuned to their environment and intuitive about real threats.
Although never aggression towards people without real need, the Pit Bull
may show dog-directed aggression, but sensitivity to other dogs will vary
from dog to dog. The properly socialized and trained Pit Bull should not be
an instigator, yet it is unlikely for the breed to shy away from a challenge.
The breed is known for its high prey drive, and so due caution should be
exercised when cats, rabbits, domestic fowl, and other such animals are
present. Dog-sensitivity and high prey drive should not be viewed as a
fault, although excessive, uncontrollable aggression is neither desired nor
correct. Aggression towards humans should be viewed as a serious fault."

Pit Bulls are not necessarily looking to show
dominance or obtain rank when they aggress. In fact, most aggression
has to do with defense (this is true of all dogs). Even dogs labeled
‘submissive’ cannot be trusted to “never fight”.

Today the Pit Bull has evolved into a marvelous working and
companion dog, used for purposes as varied as those it originally
performed. Pit Bulls are employed as police/armed services dogs,
search and rescuers, therapy animals, and livestock workers. They
compete in all manner of organized dog sports, from herding to agility
to conformation to obedience and the bite sports like Schutzhund and
French Ring. They make loving pets for children and seniors, and
everyone in between. They are indeed one of the most versatile
breeds on the planet. Much of this is owed to the activities it once
performed. The harshness and physical demands of the activities
molded a strong, healthy, stable animal, one anyone should be proud
to own.

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