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January 31, 2010


Social Mange

The Toronto Humane Society fracas has heated up with the decision of Mr. Justice David M. Brown of the Ontario Superior Court. There are some pretty damning comments by His Honour concerning Toronto Humane's submissions, as well as the appointment of a financial monitor.

There is also the City of Brampton in Ontario seizing and threatening to kill a senior citizen's dog, among others. Did the dog do anything wrong? Nope. Just be born a politically incorrect shape. The Backwater of Brampton strikes again.


Brent, I really love the video you posted, 'Remember When?' Just wondering if there is music to it -- I saw the film w/o music and having problems viewing the other videos along side it.

I'm fighting a nasty virus (all weekend long....) and so that is possibly the reason.


H$U$ threw some money at the dog training program so they could put their name on it.

H Houlahan

Hey Brent, that mixed-breed left to die on the road was in Dunbar PA, over an hour from Pittsburgh.

Dunbar is ... well, Dunbar.

We've had quite a number of "lost" person searches there, a couple of them for the same guy (who it turns out, we do not really want to find), and it's on my very short list of places where I'm really not willing to return for a mission.

That list starts with Dunbar, and ends with (I bet you know already) ... Dunbar.

The amazing thing in that story is that someone stopped for the dog. Out-of-towner.


Social Mange -- Thanks, yes, I caught the story, and plan to write about it under a separate header this week.

Becky -- yes, there's music. Definitely watch with the music -- much more powerful that way (and, I might add, one of my favorite songs).

Michelle -- yes, it was a great program well before HSUS took credit for it...but just because HSUS has taken credit for it doesn't make it a bad program (Just a bit annoying is all).

H -- Dunbar sounds like a, um, great place. Yikes.

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