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January 03, 2010


H Houlahan

Ms. Amiel's article is interesting, but I'm alarmed that she endorses a book by this character:


Thanks for all the resources. I enjoy visiting your blog as a place to get as much dog information from one spot as I can. I like that you include blogs worth reading in your roundups.



I'm not always on top of all my blogs reading but try to include them when I can - -there is a lot of great stuff out there.

HH, I kind of missed that they linked to her book in that article -- and I concur with your and Shirley's opinion about her little scheme(her little conference was cancelled when there was no interest).

H Houlahan

I'm glad to hear that conference was canceled. Hope the "no interest" was really "staying away in droves" due to the blogonauts calling BS on her and making a lot of noise.

It's frightening how someone can manipulate the media to help create a persona out of wet tissue and frog farts.


Look at that last dog bite story. Buried in the middle, there's a single reference to the dog as a 'pit bull,' even though it clearly isn't.

It's making me think maybe they wrote the whole story as a 'pit bull attack,' then someone thought better and changed it at the last minute.


That Illinois law is good, but has a provision that is very problematic. 'A designated dog cannot live within 500 ft of a school, playground, park, or daycare.' So what happens when a daycare is opened at a neighbor's house - does the dog get punished by having to leave or die? That needs to explored a bit more, I think.

Otherwise, thanks for all the great information you offer. You have patience and dedication that's quite dog-like, and that's a compliment!

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