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January 29, 2010



Disgusting. The city paid nearly $150,000 for bounty hunters to round up, so they could kill, Pit Bulls or anything they thought even resembled a Pit Bull.

Is there any indication as to how the citizens feel about the way their tax dollars were being used - especially those citizens whose poor pets ended up at AC?

Not that the city's education system or elderly population or transit system or a dozen other programs could have benefitted from these dollars.

Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on this news; I'm so glad to learn that the BSL tide is finally starting to turn in so many places. Let's just hope the trend continues.


If only we were made of money...the "bonus" they were giving for pit bulls is so completely corrupt it sure seems effected parties would have some ground for a lawsuit. Possibly suing Skeldon personally...if you could somehow prove he was supporting AND promoting BSL, knowing he was lying and it was really about lining his departments pockets.

Someone in OH needs to do an FOI request on all of Skeldon's emails...there has GOT to be some damning dirt that could bring BSL down in OH.

KC KS Kills Dogs

I am sure that Toledo isn't the only city that is paying ACO bounty hunters to round up and kill dogs in the name of BSL.

Many folks in Kansas City, Kansas Pit Bull Killing Capital of the USA, have wondered the same thing.

Why else would a certain Kansas City, KS ACO be rumoured to tour neighborhoods on her time off to look for supposed pitbulls, so when the work week resumes she could confiscate and kill.

This really makes you think about the warped way tax dollars are spent and further cements the fact that BSL is a HUGE threat to public safety.


I was so happy this finally has been made public. It's unsettling in so many ways. And just to give you a point of reference, Hugh Smith was given 10 citations that were associated with the "pit bull" ordinance. The city of Toledo paid Lucas County not $300 dollars, but $1000! I bet the average pit bull owner is worth $300 bucks to the dog warden!! Now do the math! Not only should the commissioners who have been protecting Skeldon and his practices be on the hot seat (Wozniak and Gerken), so should the administrator Mike Beazley who has also shown a negative bias against pit bulls!


The citizens of Toledo (and KCK) should be contacting their attorney general. With the nepotism going on in addition to the appearance that Skeldon and his ACs were getting their pockets lined on this ord, it smells more than fishy. Their pay contracts are also public record...


holy sh**. That sure explains a lot. Money plus hate = death.


That is seriously just sick.


im glad they passed this but they still try to charge u i went to court today couse they said i had pittbulls and they said they were vicious they tried to do a plea bargain of a fine and probation

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