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January 11, 2010



How do we move "leave toddler alone with dog" up to the level of "leave toddler alone in public restroom"? No parent is ever going to be able to watch a kid 24/7 but for the times when they do have to leave them out of eyesight temporarily, unfortunately many are still unaware that leaving a tot with a dog is not one of those ok times.

Bloggie Stylish

it's really sad that this happened. and no, small children should *never* be left alone with any dog. What i would really like to know is the dog's history. 99.99999% of family pets do not attack, let alone kill a family member out of the blue like that. Pit bulls especially are know for their devotion to family members and their fondness for small children. i'm sure that this dog exhibited suspect behaviors before and was obviously not suitable as a pet for small children.


Bloggie Stylish,

OR, the child did something to the dog to injure and provoke the dog (pulling an ear, tail, laying on the dog etc) and the dog lashed out and unfortunately hit a young child in an artery or something. You are right, it is rare for a dog of any breed to attack a family member and it almost never happens for no reason at all or without signs of aggression being present first.


1. Was this dog a member of the family 'pack'?

2. Who ID'ed the breed of dog? Betcha won't find reliable info on that anywhere, regardless of the owner's opinion.

Rottweiler Puppy

Very unfortunate event. Raising awareness about these tragedies is very important. Unexperienced dog owners have to know about the dangers of letting alone a child with a powerful pet.

Bloggie Stylish

brent, you also bring up a good point about that. kids are always pulling tails, ears, legs etc. kids also love to tease animals since it's usually the only thing that they can dominate at that age. and i guess since nobody was there to witness what happened, we'll never know.

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