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January 20, 2010



They should put a moratorium on enforcing this immediately.

H Houlahan

It wasn't Rochester who was voted out; he wasn't up this year -- you reported it yourself, it was Rixner, another council member who voted for the breed ban.

Sioux City council really is a special category of clown car, though.


Sheesh. Thanks H. I fixed it in the original post. That'll teach me to go off of memory...


Their was a great dane at animal control for almost a year that had bittin twice! after being at animal control he settled done and then the judge gave the owner back his dog! Iknew this dog and owner and the owner abused his dog! I had told animal control about this 3 years ago and nothing was done! Keano will be back becouse his owner steve abuses him so its almost all of the owners of the aggressive dogs that are at fault! The owner and animal should have to go through a special classes to deturmin if the owner is a good pet owner!! I have many more points that I and many others would be affective in this matter!! PUNISH THE DEED AND NOT THE BREED!!


Jesse, was this in Sioux City? You need to contact your city council with this information.

Kelly Thoreson

Your story is so inspiring. Good news in what sometimes seems like a loosing battle.

Yay for pitbulls!


Pit Lover in Portland (Oregon, that is)

PS - your black pit looks just like my Ramona

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