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January 07, 2010



Excellent post!

Eric Goebelbecker

Thanks for the shout out!



It was funny that I had been planning to type this post as a followup to the fatality report and you made my job really easy this week with both this and pointing me to the Dog Star Daily post on the same topic. This is something I don't think a lot of people understand all that well.


This is great and every dog owner should have to read it before they can get there dog. This is the number one problem I hear when working with puppies and it's so easy to do!


Another interesting and helpful article. I remember a study I've read before about some percentage of dog bite were incorporated with the dogs being irritated or has illness causes them to bite.

Sam Longstrum

This is a great article that I am going to be sending to a few close friends that have just gotten new puppies. I for one think there is not enough educated dog owners, which in turn leads to more misguided dog owners. This is especially true when it comes to training a dog to do things other than just sit or fetch the ball. Bite training is something I always focus on early because there are so many people that react incorrectly when a dog tries to use thier mouth for things. Like saying hello. Then it is the dogs fault for nipping or biting and not the owners fault..

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