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January 15, 2010



I can remember a time when it seemed like everyone had biting Cocker Spaniels. Somehow I don't remember the accompanying media hysteria over the breed though.


Hey YesBiscuit --- at the time I was working towards adopting a little pit mix pup (NOT so little now!),I made more than several calls to my city's AC w/ questions, because there is a breed ban in my city.

At any rate, it's funny that you mentioned Cocker Spaniels. Because the AC officer told me, off the record, that he was opposed to our ban, and that if he had his druthers, he would ban cocker spaniels, who he got the most calls on and who bite more than most breeds. Esp children.

I know we should not make such generalities regarding ANY breed, but of the cockers that I know of, who have bitten, it just seems that they lacked respect for most of the family members, esp the kids.

Well, it's just funny that you recalled a time when 'everyone had biting Cocker Spaniels.'

Social Mange

As always, humans create the problem and the animals pay.
But many humans will never admit it.

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