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January 01, 2010



Throwing some big positive thoughts out for the New Year. Hope it's a great one for you and yours Brent!


We've tipped! We've definitely tipped! And we can thank the Internet and the community of rebel rousers it's sewn together for some of that tipping.

Here's to another good year of pushing that boulder up that hill.

News Year's blessings to you guys and Thanks for all you've done and will continue to do for the animals.


Brent, can't thank you enough for the terrific blog.

Happy New Year is right -- I think we've turned a corner. And when it comes to the hill and the boulder... hard work, but many hands make it lighter, as Mom used to say. May there be legions of helping hands extended to pit bulls and all those in need in 2010.

social mange

Great post and great blog, B, thank you so much!

Let's hope 2010 sees us go over the tipping point. Enough water on stone....


Happy New Year, Brent!

Tangi Adopt A Rescue - Joni

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and Happy New Year! Keep up the great work in 2010!


Love this blog. Just LOVE it!

Thank You. Let's make 2010 BSL free for our Bully's


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The key Wu Yan Fang also agree with them happy, is not normal, it was Wu Yan Fang Li Tian Xiong only at night, Wu Yan Fang for not always having a good will of the child, being a good level 2 people when I went Tian Xiong bed only at night? If you are going to expand, becoming a means of confirming the good news, Qin Xiao Yue, near delicate jade 2 people to see that Wu Fang Yan kind of timid facial expression, the individual is to compare the more charming he understood Fang Yan Wu Tian Li and Xiong have learned back to the course relation.See United States seem to work, some do not mind, Wu Yan Fang Li Tian own Xiong, the friend of her, is a business that you think is more impassivity, not all selfish love?

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