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December 29, 2009



RIP Fay. Sending blessings to you and all those who selflessly cared for you...


Rest in Peace, Fay. May your body, spirit and soul find solace.


RIP Fay. Hope you find some good companions over the Rainbow Bridge. My sympathies to those who gave their time, efforts and patience in trying to help Fay.


Oh bummer. I never knew the medical details of her case. I can see she was disfigured but did it prevent her from eating or what was the reason she had to have the surgery - anyone know?


Just breaks my heart. I feel so awful to Gale and those who give so selflessly of their time and love to heal broken pets.

Godspeed, sweet Fay. You are free of pain and fear now.


Oh, Fay. My heart breaks for you. I am glad that you knew love and compassion at the end and will continue to feel it in heaven forever. You are an angel now baby girl.


@Yesbiscuit -- Without lips to keep her teeth and gums moist, she would've ended up suffering from various oral problems/deterioration.


I offer my deepest sympathies to all of those who knew and/or cared for Faye. To know, firsthand, of her suffering, must have been very painful and my heart goes out to all of you. What you did and have done has not be taken for granted or unappreciated!

I am very grateful knowing that this precious girl did not pass alone, broken and desolate. I am very grateful that she finally received loved and was dearly cared for.

Thanks to all of you who stepped in to help her, as well as those who prayed for her. And I thank God for Mercy.


I know it's been a while, but some people still think about you, Fay. You're not forgotten. It would have been a blessing to have you.

Karen Lyons kalmenson

It is a decade later and you are not forgotten precious soul

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