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December 21, 2009



I wish the Colorado and Ohio Supreme Courts had taken the "void for vagueness" clause more seriously when they ruled that the local laws were not unconstitutionally vague....


Emily, I agree. I just don't think they could have had enough information to really realize how these laws are being enforced. With all the data being presented (because each case was against a variety of reasons why BSL was unconstitutional), I don't think these types of situations would have been given their due. It would seem pretty cut and dry if you are looking at letters of the law and not dogs in a kennel. But even the Aurora, CO AC admitted they were selectively enforcing their law...


NHS is now realizing they can't move all these "pit bulls" and their kill rates are going up. They know their goose is going to be cooked if their numbers come out...which they have so far refused to release. Or probably the poor staff at NHS is having to kill dogs based on their looks and is doing anything to get them out - what did they EXPECT?!

DON'T DONATE MONEY TO NHS and any org that supports death legislation!

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