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December 20, 2009



Actually, Beth Nelson is not involved with the running of Animal Ark shelter. Mike Fry is the director.

Winograd's idea of giving these awards and reclaiming the image of Henry Bergh back from the ASPCA (which has not operated in the ways Bergh would have hoped when he founded it) is a good one. I think it's a bit sullied by the fact that there's a bit of log-rolling going on here (just as when authors provide blurbs for each others's books). Animal Ark recently invited N. Winograd to its annual dinner and presented him with an award. Winograd appears regularly on the show run by the director of Ark. Winograd then gives the director of Ark an award for his show. Animal Wise Radio might be the most deserving player in a small field, but it looks a little "off" this way.


Anon -- I confess that I don't really know Beth - I may have met her once, briefly, but am not certainn. I tend to agree that the overall impact of the Bergh awards is a bit tainted, from the outside, by the appearance of being the "in" crowd. That said, it is probably, at least in the first round of this, a product of Winograd associating himself a lot with the people that are doing things the right way...because each, individual recipient is truly deserving.

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