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December 03, 2009



Brent....your last comment, EXCELLENT. You summed it up so well.

To comment on something Ess Bee says above - to say "rescue" groups are "bickering" is just not fair or true. FIRST, HSUS is NOT A RESCUE. They do not RESCUE dogs, care for them, then place them in loving homes. They are mainly concerned with raids (after which they abandon the animals and leave local groups strapped for funds to deal with the aftermath) and passing legislation.

Second, "bickering"? Bickering implies petty. There is nothing petty about a small rescue group struggling to pay for expensive surgeries and care for a dog that ANOTHER, unrelated exremely WEALTHY group is trying to make money off of.

HSUS may have been involved with the raid (and they actually weren't even all THAT involved, HSMO actually did most of the work), but they have NOTHING - NADA - now to do with Fay, the dog they are trying to make money off of.


I posted this comment on Gina's ever-lovely rant...

In all fairness, it looks like HSMO gave this project their blessing by providing footage of the dog and an HSMO staffer for the fundraising video. It’s possible that their duo-intent was to raise money for HSMO (?) but of course things get -ahem - ‘shifted’ as they go through the various channels.

For the record, some of the lower level HSUS people worked hard not only to make sure dogs outside of the STL media blitz were not forgotten, but to secure a small* amount of financial assistance for the vetcare for some of the more hard luck cases we took in from this bust.

Upper (HSUS) management later vetoed our request for funds to cover expenses incurred with evaluating, organizing rescue efforts, travel and transport of the dogs to safe havens, citing the fact that they “didn’t want to set a precedent.” Maybe they’ve decided to change the precedent? If so, the rescue community needs to be notified in advance of a big precedent-changing fundraising campaign.

We are deeply indebted to the dog community that sees thru the hype and supports smaller orgs so we can make sure the dogs don’t get lost in the fuzz. Ten years ago, I never NEVER would’ve guessed that we’d be in a place where bust dogs were prompting turf wars and fancy fundraising blitzes.

Ha! It seriously tickles me.


Donna, I don't doubt that there are a lot of lower level people with HSUS that are involved because they believe in what HSUS SHOULD be as an organization. Unfortunately, what many think they should be, and what they are, are not the same things.

I would probably have been inclined yesterday to give them the benefit of the doubt before posting this if they hadn't already pulled the same type of stunt with the Vick dogs (only worse, they wanted them killed) and with the Katrina dogs. The fact that 24 hours later they still have not responded to emails questioning their motives is pretty interesting as well.

Speaking of being tickled, did you read my post from Wednesday night? I think how far we've come is pretty amazing...and I think the ball got rolling this way in large part because of you guys.


I agree with you on the point that the ground crew gets it -- especially since they're the ones doing the work of organizing the busts and pulling the dogs off the chains. etc. It's a shame they have to wear a logo on their shirts that so many people have come to despise because of the deeds of their management.

Just read your retrospective. Yes -- we have come so very far. It's almost unimaginable considering where we started. Thanks for the kind words and for taking the not-so-perfect dogs like Booms and making them important.


They are raising money to care for dogs, don't actually have a shelter and have a policy to NOT give money to care for animals!?

Here is how to file a complaint with the IRS. This is fundraising fraud, period.

Our Pack

I think my previous post was misunderstood as it was removed. I did not mean that the dogs should be used for fundraising or anything else. I meant that they should show what they do to ask for money, not show someone elses hard work like Fay's situation.


Our Pack -- I didn't take anything down. I seldom edit comments unless they are just blatantly disrespectful -- or make an outragious unsubstantiated claim that calls out someone. I believe in open dialogue -- although I do reserve the right to flog people who deserve it.

Our Pack

Correction: my post was not removed. Something went wrong in posting I guess.

Here's what I tried to post.
22.Why don’t they show their own videos of dogs they have in their possession they’re caring for like we do? Here’s Belind from the MO bust being greeted by my welcoming committee -

Or how about how the help these dogs regain their canine social skills?


They do this with all cases. They come in when a case has public attention to "rescue" the dogs and then dump them off on local rescue groups and shelters to care for them. Then they collect donations for the animals, which they do not even have. Instead they use the money to further their campaigns to ban meat consumption, fur, hunting and other areas.

They have been reported by many individuals, but the government does not do anything about it because they are such a powerful organization.


It irritates me that celebrities are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the HSUS because they think they are helping animals, while the local shelters and humane societies who actually care for the animals struggle to make ends meet. Then HSUS turns around and takes away donations from the shelters too.


everyone get the email from "emerging media Susan" saying HSUS is giving $5k for Fay?



I am SOOOOO glad you wrote this article as I have been tirelessly getting the word out on Facebook!! I even emailed the HSMO and told them that we know they are the real heros and the HSUS are just scum (they haven't denied the claim either!). I do think the ASPCA are better - but again, people do not realise the when they are giving their hard earned money to the APSCA it's mainly going to the dogs in NYC where they are based.

People need to think global ACT LOCAL - your local HS's ad SPCA's are not affliated with these 'bully boys' - get no funding from them, and are in MORE need of donations.

Here's an interesting article about the HSUS:


BY the way, here's a recent interview with the dog we took from the Midwest bust--she was part of the Oklahoma group, which has been sort of forgotten about. And, of course, all of her medical care was paid for by individual contributions, not HSUS.



Ken, that's a wonderful story.. I was hoping for an "interview with the dog" though.. I guess she's great, but not that great.



She totally clammed up and I had to fill in at the last moment!

Actually, the funny thing was she was nervous...until she saw herself on the monitor. Then she totally relaxed.


can't even read about these people. I wonder if they believe in their heads that they are doing the real dirt, you know getting in there in the thick of it, getting their sneaky little fingers dirty and so on...word gets out over time, times will change.


I had read the stories at the Humane Society of Missouri, and the had noticed that the HSUS had had a small presence there during the raid/rescue. The very first thought that crossed my mind was that the HSUS was going to try to take the lion's share of the credit for this, and try to use that as yet another segeway to get more donations.

The public needs to wake up and realize exactly what is going on. The name "Humane Society" is not interchangeable. There are numerous Humane Societies out there, but they have nothing to do with the HSUS. I for one have been sending my hard-earned money to organizations that are in it for the right reasons - the welfare of the animals, and NOT to secure these half million dollar salaries of their CEOs. Quite frankly, the money these carnival barkers make is obscene, especially for an organization that is based on donations

The HSUS is notorious for doing this kind of thing. They love to tout all that they did during Katrina, when the truth is they showed up for a short while, got all the "face time" on camera and then vanished. It was the smaller organizations who stayed and battled daily to save those precious animals. I am sick to death of them cashing in on the glory of the hard work done by others. It's disgusting.

It was clear that the kind and hard-working people in Missouri had done the real in-the-trenches work, and are the ones caring for these dogs. But here is good old Wayne Pacelle, having the audacity to make an actual advertisement using Faye, trying to pluck at the heartstrings of those who won't read the fine print and realize it was Missouri who should get the credit and the donations and NOT the HSUS.


In 2008, HSUS ran a multi-state telephone campaign that grossed $1,950,521. Their for-profit consultant Share Group, which made the calls, kept 94.7% of those contributions. These stats are published every November in a report called "Pennies for Charity" from the NY State Attorney Generals Office. What utter contempt the organization has for its donors.
The despicable Faye scam is even worse than it appears, since the ($1 million by the end of 2009) fundraising goal is just the beginning. John/JP Goodwin is seeking MONTHLY donations of $20.10. Since the letter went to HSUS's entire e-mail list of well over a million people, the scheme will likely enrich the organization (and siphon off a fortune from the legitimate animal welfare community indefinitely.

Josh Gowans

Money talks! Check out ...pretty much sums up HSUS' impact on local orgs.

Melody Britt

The HSUS president says,quote "I don't want to see another dog or cat born" and "We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals." It has a disclaimer on it's website that is has no affiliation with humane societies or animal shelters. The HSUS doesn't operate a single shelter and has NO hands on contact with stray or surplus animals. They do not participate in a spey or neuter program. The HSUS is robbing money from compassionate animal loving people around the nation to fund their radical agendas. They raise $100 million and give less than 1/2% to the care of animals. Most people will vote for Prop. B because they think that if they don't the dogs and cats of Missouri will not have adequate food, water, shelter and vet care. These are just more of their lies. Missouri has some of the strictest dog laws in the nation. There are two government agencies, USDA and the Mo Dept of Agriculture. They both do surprise kennels visits every year. It is not a lack of laws to protect dogs that is the problem. It is that the agencies don't have enought man power and mostly that unlicensed puppy mills are not found. You do not see the HSUS offering the Mo Dept of Ag any money to help them with their man power or for the Operation Bark Progam, which ask for info about neglected dogs.

Melody Britt

I know that many people who read this will think that Prop B needs to pass. I have a $25,000 puppy raising building. I am proud to be able to provide people with clean, healthy, happy pets at a reasonable cost. If this law passes it would take me 10s of thousand of dollars to modify my kennel and where I now can keep 50 dogs in according to USDA strict guidelines I will be able to keep 8. If prop B passes 10s of thousands of Mo dogs with be euthanized and 100,000 jobs will be affected. It will take over $150,000 just to implement it in the first year. Our economy can not take this kind of blow. I can understand that some people do not agree with raising puppies. They do not have to buy a puppy from a kennel if that is how they feel. I can understand how some people do not want to eat meat. That also is their choice. Those people do not have the right to take away one of my consitutional rights because of their belief. We can not let the HSUS come in to our state and take away our rights like they did in the California egg market, the Florida and Ariona hog market. This isn't about kennels and has nothing to do with cncern for animals. The HSUS real agenda is to rob us of the right to have pets and to end all hunting and animal agriculture. Almost all of the money raised to fund prop B was raised out of state. We can't let them come in and take our rights away!!

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